ZAC Performs Special Adar Yazad Jashan

The Zoroastrian Association of California celebrated the Adar Yazad Nu Parabh with a Jashan performed by Ervads Zerkxis and Zarrir Bhandara, which was attended by about 50 people in person and on Zoom, and was sponsored by Dolly Malva. In addition to honoring Adar Yazad, this Jashan was dedicated to those in India suffering from Covid-19 (directly or indirectly) in an effort to heal the country with prayer. 

After the Jashan, Er. Zarrir thanked the participants and sponsor and shared gratitude about being blessed to be able to get together and keep their doors open, unlike the grim situation in India. They then prayed thrice, the Nirang of Vanant Yasht to remove all kinds of afflictions; Ardibehesht Yasht Nirang for health and wellbeing; and Sarosh Yasht Vadi ni Nirang for the protection of their brethren in India. 

Er. Zarrir then elaborated the significance of Adar Yazad/ the holy fire, and spoke about the presence of God’s essence in all and that the purest physical manifestation of that energy was the holy fire.

“In Zoroastrianism we revere all elements of nature which contain energy. The naked human eye can’t see it but just like the stars above, we emanate light. The more we practice the tenets / tarikats of our religion, such as wearing sudreh-kusti, praying/ attending prayers, and practicing good thoughts, words and deeds, the more we brighten and purify our lights. Moreover, we bring ourselves and the world closer to Farshokeratee. Just like we were created by a combination of energies and continue to live through the ingestion of plant, water, animal and air energies, so are our Atash Behram fires,” he explained. 

“Though we have different sets of beliefs, it is important to not allow our differences to divide us but rather to unify and strengthen us all. Thereby, we bring more peace, harmony, love and healing in the world and that is what we prayed for today. One of the powers of our Atash Padshah is that it acts as a warrior to remove evil from the world so of course, we prayed to have this virus removed/ deteriorated especially from India,” he added.  

“Athro Ahureh Mazdao Puthra tava Atash puthra Ahure Mazdao – Puthra means son and also a purifier. So, trust that the power of our Atash, prayers, and God is and will bring positive change very soon and our world will be healed,” he concluded on a positive note.  

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