Community Voices From All Over Appreciate PT’s 10-Year Journey!

It has been ten very eventful, fruitful and satisfying years for Parsi Times, living up to its promise as the ‘Voice of the Community’, and delivering the community all the news and facts that are relevant with editorials that cut through the fluff and emphasize what matters most for the community – longevity, sanctity and happiness! PT’s Special Reporter, Razvin Namdarian speaks with community members across the city, the nation and the world, who share their thoughts and views, which highlight the relationship and the connect they share with PT, over the past decade. PT heartily thanks all our readers for their kind words of encouragement and their valued suggestions.

Hutoxi Doodhwalla, Rustom Baug resident and Trustee of Ahura Support: Parsi Times has been delivered to our home every Saturday and I really look forward to it. I appreciate the variety of articles published and I find it’s the perfect mixed bag of news and features that make for a very interesting read. The Community News keeps us abreast of what is happening in our small Parsi community across the globe. Being an involved and active grandmother, I want Parsi Times having a children’s page as that would inculcate a habit of reading, in these gadget-dominated times. Wishing PT the very best on its 10th anniversary!  

Khurshid Suraliwalla, Senior Citizen, Tata Mills Co-op. Hsg., Parel: I’ve been an avid reader of Parsi Times since its inception. It’s always heartening to read articles that cover our pious religion, like the weekly column by Dasturji Dr. Maneckji Naserwanji Dhalia. Meheramai’s Mandali’s antics are quite hilarious. I like reading about new product launches and new eateries opening up as well as the good work that is being done, thanks to the munificence of so many of our charitable community members. The financial advice columns are quite informative as are the in-depth coverage of community events. I thoroughly enjoy Cyrus Broacha’s articles and I hope that you can feature him weekly in PT! 

Zeenia Kharas, Brand Services Associate, from Mumbai (Gowalia Tank): Those who belong to my generation are curious to know about our heritage, the rich traditions we harbor, the logic behind some of our rituals and the meaning of our religious texts. I like how Parsi Times gets knowledgeable writers to demystify so many aspects of our religion for us in a non-preachy manner. PT bridges the gap between the past and the present with articles on technology and current events in the community. I would like to see Parsi Times feature more enterprising youngsters, who serve as an inspiration. Perhaps a column where young readers could write in seeking some guidance on a future career path would also not go amiss. 

9-year-old Pashin Patel from Dadar Parsi Colony: My parents read Parsi Times and sometimes my mother reads out a few things which she feels would be interesting for me, like the XYZ events. But I really like doing the Word Search every Saturday!

Parsi Times presence pan-India – in print and digital format pleases Yazdi Wadiwalla, Manager of Hotel Arambol Arbour in Goa: I’ve always enjoyed reading Parsi Times. When I was based in Mumbai, it was a welcome companion to my morning cuppa tea! Having been working in Goa since the past three years, I now get the digital version. During the lockdown last year, Parsi Times was like a good friend who kept in touch despite all the travails we faced. I enjoy reading regular features by Noshir Dadrawalla and Yazdi Tantra. The new column by Veera Shroff Sanjana is quite interesting. On this 10th anniversary, I can only wish that Parsi Times continues making our Saturday mornings bright! 

Pune’s Daisy Motafaram, a Senior French Teacher at MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul, says: I regularly read PT and I really like the editorial column, the community news and other features which make for a well-balanced paper. The event coverage gives youngsters the opportunity to shine and encourages them by highlighting their achievements. The paper truly has a wide reach, even being read by our community members abroad. I’d like to see a few more additions – something along the lines of an Agony Aunt column,  children’s corner that encourages their creativity! I heartily wish Parsi Times on their 10th Anniversary and trust they will grow from strength to strength every year!  

Dinaz Irani, ENT Surgeon from New Zealand says: The one thing us expatriates long for is to be in touch with our community. I enjoy reading PT’s Community News and especially the good work being done by so many philanthropists. The articles on religion serve to make the younger generation aware of the rich heritage they have inherited. New Zealand has a strong Parsi community presence, it is heartening to read about some of our events also making it to the pages of Parsi Times! The webinar notices and subsequent event coverage are interesting and current. There is nothing dated or repetitive about the Parsi Times! 

USA’s Hutokshi Master says: Parsi Times keeps us connected with our roots. While bringing up a child in a foreign country, it’s not easy imparting the sense of community that we experience in our ‘Parsi Baugs’ back home, but its publications like Parsi Times that help us introduce our young to what it means to be a Parsi and to enable them to get a sense of pride in belonging to such a small but respected community. I really like the event coverage that Parsi Times does and its unbiased reportage.

Katy Kirol, senior citizen from Canada says: As a Canadian citizen, I yearn for news from home and our Parsi community. Parsi Times has become an intrinsic part of our lives – something I look forward to reading every week. Its features are very interesting and Ruby Lilaowala and her Meherabai always make me smile even during these tough times. I’d like to wish Parsi Times on this joyous occasion of your 10th anniversary! May you celebrate many more and be proud of the all you have accomplished! 

Yasmin Patel, a college student from Kolkata, says: My whole family is a huge fan of Parsi Times. Though we have our own different preferences in our favourite features, what we all agree on is that it makes for easy reading – it’s always crisp and refreshing. It doesn’t go on and on about ‘right and wrong’ or impart religious sermons ad nauseum. It’s truly a paper which keeps up with the times without losing touch with its roots and traditions. My parents love the columns by Noshir Dadrawala and even keep the clippings. My younger brother and I enjoy PT Time Out and we especially enjoy features by Cyrus Broacha, Ruby Lilaowala and Dr. Danesh Chinoy. The Editorials by Anahita are excellent and always leave us with food for thought. Here’s wishing PT many more decades of keeping the community informed and entertained!

Home-maker Khorshed F Cama, UK: Kudos to PT on your ten-year milestone! I’ve been an avid reader of Parsi Times since its inception – that is when I was still living in Mumbai. I used to greatly appreciate all the news and brilliant features – they were always so relevant to the community. However, it is only after I relocated to the UK, that I realised the indispensable role PT plays for our community. PT is so much more than just news – it’s the vital link that keeps our tiny community connected globally. Thank you, PT! Despite being away from my relatives and the comforting familiarity that a Baug offers, I still feel connected when I read about all that’s taking place. Wishing Parsi Times the very best on the completion of a grand decade! May you grow stronger and continue serving our community.

Behram and Natasha Shroff, Singapore: Happy 10th B’day, my dear, dear Parsi Times! Most of us in Singapore receive the digital issue of Parsi Times and our small Zoroastrian community here literally awaits it every Saturday for our weekly dose of Parsipanu! It’s an excellent newsweekly which appeals to all age-groups. The features are superb just as the writers are all phenomenal – especially the writings of Noshir Dadrawala, Ruby’s Meherbai, Cyrus Broacha, Dr. Batra and of course, the Editor whose weekly editorials are eagerly awaited. It’s especially wonderful how PT never misses out in celebrating the achievements of individuals. More power to PT!! 

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