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Do you at times feel a tingling sensation all over? Do you sometimes sense a gentle presence all around you? Do you dream vividly? Have you ever had a persistent thought that refuses to leave you? When alone, have you always felt you had someone around looking out for you? Do you believe in the existence of Spirit Guides – simple entities that watch and prevail over you, for your entire lifetime? If you do, you are not alone! Many amongst us have felt their presence; many have even tried to communicate with them. Some of us may recognize the signs they leave for us by way of a warning or guidance. Whatever your experience with them, most believe they do exist.

There would be some sceptics who would scoff at this idea, being non-believers. There are many who may deign the very idea of Spirit Guides as absurd and ridiculous. But ye of little faith, believe me when I say, getting in touch with your Spirit Guides is something that can drastically change your life! Once you believe, you will no longer be living on blind faith and will soon realize that there really is a higher power constantly looking out for you. Life will seem a lot easier and will make more sense knowing that no matter what happens, you are being taken care of and everything is for your highest good.

They say Spirit Guides are just people like you and me that have crossed over into the afterlife and chose to take on the role of being your guide. It is said you could have more than one Spirit Guides. Their purpose and work is simple, to guide you as you navigate the course of your life. Spirit Guides, like many other elements of spirituality, have been heavily sullied, monetized and commercialized. Despite the apparent tarnishing of their value, Spirit Guides are nonetheless a shared human experience.

 So how do you connect with your Spirit Guides? There are no overt techniques or explicit methods for this. And even if you do feel you have connected, the ambiguity of this endeavour will persist. But, it starts with Belief. You have to set your intention to connect to your Spirit Guides. Setting your intention is a way of letting the universe and your higher-self know what you wish to achieve. Once your intention is set in motion, there are various methods to prevail. Let your intuition guide you here.

The simplest method is meditation. It is probably the most straightforward way to connect with your Guides. The point between your eyebrows is the location of your ‘third eye’, which is the epicentre of all spiritual enlightenment and awakening. With closed eyes, focus on this third eye and concentrate on connecting with your guides. Taking deep intentional breaths learn to focus while relaxing. Imagine a warm light above your head that streams down to the point of your third eye. Visualize unlocking a portal to step through to meet your Guide. Your body could start feeling lighter or heavier.

Try communicating with them through your thoughts. Ask questions, seek answers. You may see images. You may experience an array of thoughts and feelings. Focus on the ones that speak to you. These exercises may lead to an initial sense of confusion, but eventually you will feel deep reassurance and safety, knowing your Guides are around you. 

Spirit Guides often express their presence by sending you signs – also called synchronicities. Carl Jung defined synchronicity as a meaningful coincidence. They can communicate through numbers or number sequences. Some people feel they communicate by sending musical messages, like a favourite song of a dearly departed playing in the background, just on the day you’ve been particularly thinking of them or it could be a song that inspires you on a rough day. Spirit Guides send ample opportunities in varying forms your way, in a manner that proves to be conducive to your growth and betterment.

Your Spirit Guides seek a closer relationship with you but not everyone feels this connect. It’s true that when we go through big changes, it helps ground you to feel connected with your spirituality and your Spirit Guides. As you open up to a world of possibility trying to communicate with them and the hazy world of spirituality, you may be pleasantly surprised by the number of signs or messages you may notice. For most people, the invitation is to start recognising this form of communication from their world that’s already happening. We tend to ignore or repudiate anything that is incomprehensible. By and large, humans can be disenchanted beings, secure in disbelief than in belief.

In the lingo of modern mystics, a spirit is a non-physical being assigned to help a soul attain its greatest potential on Earth. A Spirit Guides is a being that has completely mastered life’s lessons. So while you may choose to ignore the advice of your Guides, life does tend to go a whole lot smoother when you do. Your Guides want you to win. They are your champions, the menders of heartaches, and the compass to your life path. They always have your back, so to say. They are picked and chosen specifically for you. They are assigned exclusively to you. Spirit Guides direct and assist in a manner you most require for the betterment of your life. Call them Guardian Angels or your Helper Angels – they are the universal forces that guide our spirits to greater clarity, freedom, joy and peace!

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