From the Editors Desk

From The Editor's Desk

The Unparalleled Power Of Unity

Dear Readers,

The power of unity is often undermined. There’s much power in unity – we can only accomplish so much by ourselves. But united, we can move mountains and create movements that deliver tangible changes and give us hope for the future – the one thing we’ve all been clutching on to, in these current, challenging times.

It is said that Collective Unity is the will of the universe… that it is the divine goal to manifest peace and oneness between the Maker and His creations. Where there is unity, there is purpose, harmony and happiness. It is this positive, collective force that empowers us to fight all our battles – be it those ‘storms-in-a-tea-cup’ within ourselves, or the biggest storm ever faced by humanity – the pandemic. 

The power of unity is unparalleled, and it is all-empowering across all levels… 

As individuals, unity in mind and body provides all-round wellness; 

As a family, it is the unity amongst family members that makes one’s house a home, a haven of love where you feel safe and you recharge your soul to face the challenges of tomorrow;  

As a community, especially one that is as tiny as ours and already fighting its battle for survival – unity is indispensable. Rudyard Kipling’s famous words come to mind – “For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.” Let’s never forget, that when there’s no enemy within, those outside can’t hurt you!

As a race, the need for global unity and unity with Mother Nature, has never been more resounding. We’ve been learning the lessons of such negligence, in the hardest way possible, for over a year now… India’s second COVID wave has been most devastating – claiming innumerable lives. Wreaking havoc on the lungs, the virus has broken the heart of the nation. Pages filled with death announcements in PT have disheartened us all. 

To help us fight off this towering evil, Er. Zarrir Bhandara, the religious head of ZAC (Zoroastrian Association of California) combined the potent power of unity with the pristine power of prayer – holding a Behram Yazad Jashan on 2nd May, to invoke divine intervention from our benevolent saviour – Behram Yazad. The online Jashan was attended by over five hundred Zarthostis worldwide! (Pg. 9) We thank Er. Bhandara for his kind gesture and hope that the Universe relents and helps us in our united battle to vanquish this disease for good.

We are all together in this. And we can only beat this together… united, in person and in prayer.

Have a good and safe weekend!

– Anahita


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