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From The Editor's Desk

Two Main Take-aways…

Dear Readers,

The last fourteen months have been nothing if not one of humanity’s most profound learning curves. There’s a number of invaluable lessons we’ve had to learn the hard way since the onset of the pandemic. The new ‘at-home’ normal – be it ‘work-from-home’ or simply ‘stay-at-home’ – clubbed with the fear of mortal uncertainty, has given us enough time and reason for much reflection and introspection… bringing to the fore, realisations and epiphanies which have been a long time coming. To come out of this none the wiser, would take a very special brand of stupid.

There are two simple take-aways or lessons in the form of proverbs, that stand out; and both these need to be carefully woven into the fabric of our existence to avoid any fatal tears. The first and uncontested take-away is, ‘prevention is better than cure’. Ask anyone who’s recovered/ recovering from Covid – and they will swear to this truth! It’s an illness that has you in a bind – mentally and physically. Recovery doesn’t end once you test negative – it takes a long while, as symptoms could last for months – whether it’s regaining your strength or your sense of smell and taste. 

‘Survival of the smartest’ is the second proverb, which will hold you in good stead, should you have the good sense to practice it! The smartest thing you could do to survive the COVID storm is follow Covid-appropriate behavior. Getting yourself and your loved ones vaccinated checks both these boxes. 

As things slowly start to look up, let’s do everything we can to keep that going. 

Have a safe and happy weekend!

– Anahita

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