Happy 10th Birthday, Parsi Times!

Parsi times is now ten, Hic! I’ll drink to that! She’s growing fine, Hic! I’ll drink to that!! Always truthfully presenting news, full of balanced views with lots of humerous features – I’ll drink to that, Hic! 

“Darabsha! You’ve toasted to everyone. Last time, you really let yourself go at our ‘PT’s Anniversary Party’! Now get on with the work.” 

Shhhh… that’s my madam editor, a great one for partying! Unfortunately, a teetotaler, whatever that means, but a workaholic too… saying, “Darabsha, these are somber times, less of fun and frolicking. Let’s get down to the work. OK?”

Aye aye, Ma’am! It’s the tenth birthday celebration for aapru Parsi Times. How time has passed! Ten years ago, there were a few mixed feelings amongst the community. Many welcomed it for its fresh news-giving, no grand-standing but balanced views and true to its motto, ‘The Truth, Delivered Weekly’. Having fulfilled its main aim of representing the true voice of the community, Parsi Times has grown on us, and appra humdins look forward to it every Saturday morning. 

I am probably the oldest chappie associated with our PT having written my first piece in June 2011! I’d been mulling over the idea of writing on Persian History, and my first piece was a brief sketch on Firdowsi and then the Peshdadian Dynasty… it was well received! Now PT has a galaxy of brilliant writers – each one a master in his or her own field. Excerpts from the book, ‘Homage unto Ahura Mazda’ by Dasturji Dr. Maneckji Nusserwanji Dhalla of Karachi written in 1941 in New York, lead the writings on Zoroastrian thoughts, along with Daisy Navdar and our religio-cultural expert and intellectual, Noshir Dadrawalla. We have the dynamic Ruby Lilaowalla who makes us laugh as well as introspect with her writings and Veera Shroff Sanjana’s thought-provoking articles are relished by all. Celebrities like Dr. Mukesh Batra and Cyrus Broacha also add to the brilliance of PT’s excellent features, with Dr. Chinoy providing very helpful insights and tips on wellness.  

Parsi Times peeks into the Baugs and reports the happenings there. You get the news of Bombay Parsi Punchayat, their problems, and sometimes some shenanigans too. You will find something intellectual, something spiritual, something funny, some food for the mind, some food for the soul and some for gourmets too! A Reader’s Corner for our versatile versers! There are puzzles and games, sports and film reviews. All make the PT an absolute power-packed periodical! The Editorials are a must read! And of course, there’s yours sincerely! Writing is therapeutic. It activates your mind and prevents your grey cells from turning blue, and in the present-day pandemic scenario of lockdowns and social distancing, it keeps the ennui at bay. 

By and large, PT makes for very informative and happy reading… except for the Obituary column, a necessity, but in this pandemic times the list has lengthened and our heart aches to read of our near and dear ones, friends and relatives being snatched away before their time. But this too shall pass. And Parsi Times will continue to inform us, enlighten us, and regale us with news, fun and laughter for years to come, ad infinitum!

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