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Be A Part Of The Solution, Not The Problem!

I have been getting numerous WhatsApp and FB messages, related to Covid and the current scenario in the country. Some groups speak about the lack of facilities and services at Parsee General Hospital where old people lined up as early as 5:00 am for the vaccine but couldn’t get one due to shortage/ non availability. Others spoke of the inability of the Government/ lack of preparedness to handle the pandemic and are therefore demanding resignation of the PM.

All are pointing fingers, playing the blame game, each one expressing his or her point of view of what should be done and what should not be done. All going in circles in various groups… Here’s what I have to say – if you are unhappy with a particular situation, then CHANGE IT!

Step in…. If you feel tea should be served outside PGH, then volunteer, get that thermos, bring the paper cups, do that service to your community, instead of expressing what went wrong and how it could have been handled better. PGH has been doing wonderful work for the community, let’s be grateful instead of running down the very institution that has been giving free treatment to our fellow Zoroastrians!

If you feel the Government is inept, write to the PMO on twitter, Facebook, Insta, give your suggestion how it can be handled better. Volunteer to make a difference. Also, if you feel the present PM should step down, do u have another candidate who can handle the situation better? If yes, bring him/ her on!!

My message is simple, Be a part of the solution, not the problem!

By Samanaz Neville Lashkari

Alternative To Dokhmenashini

After reading the article of our Vada Dastoorji printed in PT this week, I agree with his views for an alternate method to Dokhmenashini in these desperate times of Covid. All over the world, as well as in India, where Dokhmenashini method is not available, people bury their dearly departed.

Burial method is not alien to us and instead of the compulsory cremation forced upon us due to Covid by BMC, the BPP in Mumbai should take lead from the Christian and Muslim community and approach the State Govt and the BMC to permit burial option for our deceased due to Covid.

The Anjumans and Punchayats should immediately (although temporarily) allocate some piece of land in the Doongerwadi for burial  for our brethren who may succumb to Covid and shall have a dignified final place of resting. The inhuman ways of BMC during the cremation is something we would not like our near and dear ones to go through even after death.

Hope common sense prevails and our Anjumans / Punchayats help our community during such difficult times.

By Rohinton Mistry

Can The PLIH Be Converted To A Senior Citizen Home?

It is a painful sight watching the dilapidated condition and the ghostly silence surrounding the walls of the Parsi Lying-In Hospital (PLIH), which was once vocal with the cries of new-borns. How we wished that this special property was serving some humanitarian cause. But that did not happen. Who is to be blamed?

When we are passing through a most unprecedented crises, let us not ruminate on the past, but bring some concrete suggestions for its revival. Mr. Mehta wants to make it into a quarantine centre but that is not feasible, considering its current state. Besides, we want a permanent landmark for the community.

In 2010, the members of Managing Committee made a deal with the Krimsons for the development of the defunct asset, but they did not involve Dinshaw Mehta, the then BPP Chairman, who felt deprived of the credit for this deal and approached the High Court to cancel the deal on the pretext that better offers were available. Krimsons were to set up a world-class healthcare Centre for orthopaedics and neurosurgery and their proposal seemed largely beneficial to the trust. Frustrated with the delay and constant harassment, the buyers backed out. We lost the deal… and are still awaiting Mr. Mehta’s clarification on the other offers he has not revealed to this date. It seems he was lying to the court and fooling the community.

Mr. Mehta today says nothing would please him more than to see the PLIH revived. If he really means what he says and works sincerely for the good cause, it is a welcome change. There’s an urgent and specific need for a Senior Citizens Home in Mumbai for the elderly whose children are settled abroad and are concerned about the safety of their elders staying alone. The Shapurji Pallonji Home has a long waiting list and Parukh Dharamshalla is a blessing to the poor, but the PLIH can fulfil the needs of those who have the means, but are starving of care and company during their twilight years.

This is an opportunity to revive PLIH which is lying in shambles and restore its pristine glory. Mehta’s suggestion on forming a new Management Committee is a welcome step, but if it is backed by the majority trustees, it will serve no purpose, as they practice what Mr. Mehta preaches. Let some honorable members of the community like Mr. Dinshaw Tamboly, Mr. Burjor Antia and Mr. Noshir Dadrawala and others, express their independent opinions without fear or favour.

Let us forget the past and let us all come together for a worthy cause for the revival of our dear PLIH institute which has been left dilapidated for more than three decades.

By Piroja Jokhi

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