Book Launch: ‘Prominent Parsis Of Navsari’ By Marzban Giara

In March 2021, historian and author, Marzban Jamshedji Giara launched his latest book titled, ‘Prominent Parsis of Navsari’ for the benefit of the community’s understanding of some of the most prominent members of our community hailing from Navsari. 

As per the author, the contribution of Parsis to the growth of Navsari has not been well known due to their humble and unostentatious nature. Navsari holds a special place in Parsi history, and is often referred to as ‘Dharam ni Tekdi’ as it housed the pak Iranshah fire for 300 years before it was enthroned in Udvada. Navsari birthed numerous illustrious figures including the first Dastoor Meherjirana; Dadabhai Naoroji – the grand old man of India; and Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy; Nusserwanji Tata – the father of Indian Industry; with many Parsis across the world having their roots here – like Zubin Mehta, Astad Deboo, Homai Vyarawalla, and so on. 

In his foreword, Dasturji Firoze M Kotwal, High Priest of Mumbai’s HB Wadia Atash Behram, writes that the book is, “an invaluable resource and a vital compilation of the history of the Parsi community and the eminent personalities for whom Navsari was home. The Parsis of Navsari have impacted the religious and economic development of the community in India and they have through their efforts, contributed to enhancing the profile of the community and aided in the critical preservation of the faith… Marzban Giara’s book expounds on the vignettes of Parsi history and the personalities involved in enhancing the image of the community, nationally”

Known for undertaking numerous community-centric welfare initiatives, The WZO Trusts, along with Global Working Group, have sponsored the publication of ‘Prominent Parsis of Navsari’ for the information of the community. “We hope that it will motivate many young Parsis Zoroastrians to cultivate their minds and reach the our forefathers scaled in the service of our country and the community,” pens Dinshaw K. Tamboly, Chairman of The WZO Trusts. 

“It is my fervent hope and prayer that this book will inspire the present generation to emulate the examples set by our illustrious ancestors,” shares author Marzban Giara. 

The book is meant for free distribution. Those interested could mail their requests at: or send in an application by post, addressed to: WZO Trust Funds Senior Citizens Centre, Pinjar Street, Malesar, Navsari – 396445.

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