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From The Editor's Desk

A Star Indeed!

Dear Readers,

It is said that the bond between a mother and a son is like none other – an unconditional connect that is as powerful as it is tender, often transcending every other affection. And when it comes to our community, the steadfast mother-son connect is one of its most predominant features. Which is why, we were sad to hear of the passing of Jerbanoo Irani, the loving mother and North Star in the universe of her son – one of our community’s most cherished personalities and actor extraordinaire – Boman Irani.

The affectionate and devoted bond between Boman and ‘Mother Irani’ or ‘Ma’ – as he adoringly addressed her in his tributes – was well-known and even more celebrated. True to the saying by Emerson – ‘Men are what their mothers made them’ – Boman Irani credited his successes and glorious achievements to the committed nurturing and single-handed upbringing by Jerbanoo. Her legacy of greatness, laced with warmth, humility, generosity, large-heartedness and kindness, reflects in and will be kept alive by her son, who radiates these virtues with as much shine as his brilliant talents.

In his touching tribute to his mother on her passing, he concludes, “She was, and always will be… A Star.” A star indeed she was! We stand with Boman in his hour of grief and pray for Jerbanoo’s noble soul to rest in divine, eternal peace and light – Garothman Behest Hojoji. 

Have a peaceful weekend!

– Anahita


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