Meet The 8WZYC Marketing Team!

The 8th World Zoroastrian Youth Congress (8WZYC) 2023, hosted by the Zoroastrian Trust Funds of Europe (ZTFE) in the United Kingdom in 2023, comprises a dedicated team of youth volunteers who have commenced early groundwork in planning and organising this momentous event. Media Partner Parsi Times shares insights and visions of the fab 8WZYC organising team… 

The 8WZYC’s Marketing Subcommittees aim to encourage participation from global Zoroastrian communities and publicize information and excitement surrounding London 2023! This includes hosting fundraisers, social events and interacting to highlight Congress information via social media platforms. Here’s what the dynamic Marketing Subcommittee members say…

ARIANA DOOMASIA: This Congress provides the opportunity for greater community involvement and adding to our legacy. The priority for our subcommittee, and me as its lead, is to share information and create excitement in the run up to our 2023 Congress. It’s been a pleasure to bond with our wonderful team and to hear their ideas for launching our marketing campaign!

DELSHAD FOROUHAR: I grew up surrounded by our culture – my grandfather being Mobed Ardeshir Forouhar, an important role model to me and the London Zoroastrian community. Joining the marketing team facilitates meeting amazing new people, collaborating creatively in sharing our culture with the world, and also learning more about our roots, and helping others.

ARSHAN DADREWALLA: Being part of the UK Northwest Zoroastrian Community and the Young Zoroastrians (YZ’s) in London, I’ve developed a strong sense of community. Having never attended a congress, I was excited to join the subcommittee in planning an event to bring Zoroastrians together… all whilst having a great time!

XERXES PANTHAKEE: After being heavily active in the UK YZ community, I hope to create an unforgettable experience for attendees and those like myself who have never attended a congress before!

ARMAN BHAGWAGER: From attending prayer classes, dance practices in the Nagpur Parsi Dharamshala and various youth events, the Zoroastrian culture has given me a sense of community and direction. Being part of this committee provides a great opportunity in fostering new Parsi friendships in the UK. I hope to bring global YZs together to celebrate their religion, learn and collaborate.

DALIR YAZDANI: Through this congress, I hope to experience the social aspect of what it means to be a Zoroastrian and connect with like-minded YZs who also wish to serve the community better, by bringing everybody closer! It’s an honour to be part of the team and that’s just the beginning! 

SHAZNEEN MUNSHI: My passion is making a positive difference to our treasured Zoroastrian community by engaging and bringing together our youth and forging strong, lasting global friendships. I look to nurture worldwide community initiatives and build on the future of our religion!

JESSICA MISTRY: I’ve been fortunate in being surrounded by our Zoroastrian roots and culture and this Congress provides the opportunity to connect with more fellow Zoroastrians. I look forward to the next two years of preparing, welcoming and meeting everyone at the 8WZYC!

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