Ratan Tata Helps Paralysed ‘Sprite’ Find A Forever Home

Business tycoon and the community’s Kohinoor with a heart of gold – Ratan Tata – is known for his love and compassion towards stray dogs. He has often come forward and shared posts to help strays find a loving home. This week, he was once again trending on Social Media platforms as he shared a successful adoption story of an adorable stray dog, named Sprite, whose adoption appeal he had shared on his Instagram account, way back in December, 2020.

“You have helped me generously and successfully twice before and for that I am grateful. I am requesting you to help me once again to find a loving family for Sprite, who has been through a lot and his hind legs are paralyzed after an accident,” read the post shared by Ratan Tata on December 12. The post showed clips and photographs of Sprite recovering and growing into an agile and happy pup.

On 14th June, 2021, Ratan Tata shared three stories on Instagram to announce that Sprite had been adopted by a kind person. “If you remember Sprite, the paraplegic dog who needed a home…,” he wrote in his first story while sharing a video of Sprite.

Sharing the proverbial happy ending to this story, Ratan Tata shared a picture of an excited Sprite ready for his new home. He also thanked ‘Animal Guardians Mumbai’ and animal rescuer – Kaveri Bhardwaj, for their joint efforts in helping Sprite find his happily ever after home! 

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