XYZ Youth Celebrate World Environment Day

On 5th June, 2021, World Environment Day, the dynamic XYZ (Xtremely Young Zoroastrians) kids across Mumbai celebrated the occasion with activities to make the planet greener, by sowing plants and sharing insights into these. While Shanaya Saklatwalla said chilli plants grew well in the sun, Zasha Patrawala shared curry leaves grew best during the monsoons, and Mazdaa Davar explained that garlic needed cool weather and little water. Seeds for vegetables and flowers including okra, methi, sunflower, tomatoes and basil were also planted.

Zerxes Daruvala was ecstatic that the Gulmohar tree he had planted four years ago, had started sprouting flowers this year! Riyan and Rivaan were proud of their one-year-old coconut tree sapling and Perceeus Thanawalla sowed bulbs of an African Red Blood flower in his home garden. The activities were shared on Zoom platform where the kids displayed and demonstrated these activities. The kids also got to see a variety of home gardens and learn about the environment, as they renewed their commitment to conserving Nature, sharing relevant quotes including, “Let’s nurture nature so that we can have a better future,” by Dinaz Dalal; “Small hands can change the world,” by Anosh Mullan and “Where flower blooms, so does hope,” by Kayaan Sutaria.

Make A Difference With XYZ’s TT

XYZ’s group – ‘Tehmurasp’s Titans’ (TT) recently embarked on a social service drive to support Samaaveshi Pathshaala – a school in the tribal belt of Karjat and to provide Covid relief to daily wage-earners affected by the pandemic. This saw TT’s kids, parents and grandparents come together to put up a fundraiser sale! You could choose from diverse creations including paintings, Tie-and-dye crafts, bead-work, scented candles, crochet bags and hand painted diva-glasses. An Online Housie has also been planned. TT appeals to generous community members to help make a difference! For queries, contact: Armin Wadia – 9869636965 / Delnaz Irani – 9833617583

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