Prof. Faredoon Kapadia Bestowed ‘Gems of Indo-Iran’ Title

Professor Faredoon Kapadia, founder of Atassh Consultants, was recently felicitated by the prestigious ‘Gems of Indo-Iran’, in collaboration with Culture House of the IR of Iran in Mumbai and the ‘Universal Peace, Friendship and Brotherhood’, for his committed efforts and contributions towards fostering cordial relations between India and Iran – the two nations most integral to our community. 

He has also been awarded a certificate of appreciation praising him for his “dedication and outstanding contribution towards Universal Peace building.” It further reads, “Your Remarkable role and goodwill in promoting and establishing peace, harmony and unity among all communities Worldwide truly needs a standing ovation. You are an Angel in disguise. God Bless.”

Speak to Parsi Times, Prof. Faredoon said, “We, as Zoroastrians originated in Iran, our motherland and are now settled in India. In my humble way, I would like to build a bonded relationship between Iran and India. Both nations are very dear and near to me. With the blessings of Lord Ahura Mazda and Dasturji Kukadaru Saheb, I am confident that us Zoroastrians will exchange hospitality between two countries and mutually visit with a healthy exchange of pleasantries. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Mansoor Yazdi, my angel brother and the owner of a renowned Cafe Irani Chai at Mahim who is instrumental in bestowing this recognition.”

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