Why Do We Pray?

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Do you believe there is power in prayer? Do you hold enough faith to know that a kind and generous God answers your prayers, eases your burdens and smoothly alleviates all your suffering? Do you communicate and talk with Him every day, often enough? What has your experience been? Are you a rational, doubtful soul refusing to believe that neither God nor prayers really intercede when we choose to invoke them? What does prayer have to do with anything? How can prayer be an answer when all around us, everyday we are witness to misery, loss, death, casualties, grief and despair? 

Whether you choose to believe or not, there are proven benefits to any kind of prayer. Prayer works on several levels. It is a tool for physical, mental and psychological relief. Prayer de-stresses you. It can prove miraculous when done earnestly, with hope and belief. More than anything, Prayer is a means of communication, an opportunity to spend time with God and to understand the heart of God. When you pray, you are speaking to a higher power. Prayers are a means of expressing deep thoughts, emotions in a meditative singular way. It’s almost like talking to a friend, unburdening oneself to be able to counter anything life throws at you. They say communication is a two way street and while you may not hear God, He hears you.  Seek His guidance, His will, His magnanimity… make prayer a daily dialogue with Him.

In Prayer Lies Peace: Oftentimes we live amidst doubt, confusion and chaos. They indirectly clutter our thoughts, cloud our judgement and keep us indecisive over the smallest things. It is then that we experience the fruit of prayer. A daily practise of prayer keeps us grounded, builds our power and confidence to face the world. Prayer offers clarity of thought and a deeper understanding of things because in prayer lies peace.

Prayer Rebukes Negativity: Prayers create a shield, an aura of positivity around you. Prayer empowers us with righteousness and spiritual awakening. Though not all who pray are necessarily all good, prayer helps us distinguish right from wrong. Though the choice is finally yours to make, prayer often poses as a deterrent to making wrong choice.

Prayer Is Therapeutic: When your world is spinning, when storms hit or when sickness and fatigue strike, prayers offer stability and reprieve. It calms you and helps you recover and heal. Your faith proves therapeutic when all else fails.

Prayer Is The Evidence Of Your Relationship With God:  Prayer is about thanksgiving, gratitude, praise and worship. If you practise these acts, you will enjoy a lovely relationship with God. That’s a good place to be! How safe, secure and comforted is a soul that rings the joy of prayer in daily life! Don’t treat prayer as an afterthought or a last resort when nothing else seems to work.

Prayer Sets The Tone Of Your Day: Starting your day with prayer, even just a small one, has an immense effect on your mind and paves the way for a joy-filled day. Forget the frustrations of that long commute to work, that large pile of laundry, or the bills that need to be paid. Prompt your prayer to see joy and peace for your life even amidst the struggles and the mundane.

Prayer Is Devotion In Your Relationship With God: Daily prayer expresses your commitment to God and His way. Prayer is an act of Love, of giving your whole heart in faith, in remembrance and gratitude of all He does in your life. Submitting to His will daily helps us learn the act of complete submission. 

Prayers Can Be Answered: Prayers can move mountains. Prayers can initiate angelic action on our behalf – a concept cynics may find trouble accepting, unlike those who view the world and the universe through a spiritual lens. Every religion proclaims spiritual battles that ensue on a daily basis in realms known and unknown. If you are a believer then trusting that your daily prayers create an activity in the spiritual realm that can influence your physical world, is proven regularly. The word, ‘Miracle’, spells it out perfectly!

Prayers Can ‘Unlock’ Us: We collect sins and transgressions through our lives. A consequence of all our collected choices, actions, karma can translate into shame, guilt and a sense of self-resentment. Prayer helps mitigate a part of that. Prayers prove cathartic. When you confess to God, you acknowledge your wrongdoings, thereby taking the first step towards correction. Your admission of guilt guides you to a place of forgiveness, hope and peace. Prayers unlock us when prayed truthfully. The prayer of a sincere heart can energize and renew your sense of faith, confidence, trust and freedom. You feel reinstated into the kingdom of God and can freely partake of his bounty and blessings once again!

To Pray For Another Is The Best Prayer Of All: This is the most transformative and life changing aspect of prayers. When you start praying for another, selfishness ceases and selflessness begins. Praying for others are most powerful. When you intercede for others, you help yourself by helping them. Prayer in the interest of another, is the true and pure form of prayer.

In prayer is possibility. Prayers can manifest miracles in your life. They keep hope eternal in the human chest, and hope brings your life in alignment with His vision and plans for you. Reap your harvest of bounty and make prayers a daily practice, no matter what!

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