Delhi HC Directs Minority Commission’s Vacant Posts To Be Filled By 30 September

On 12th August, 2021, the Delhi High Court extended the deadline given to the Centre to nominate persons to the vacant positions in the National Commission for Minorities by two months. Justice Rekha Palli said the process, which was earlier directed to be concluded by July 31, be completed by September 30. The High Court’s decision came after the Centre made a plea to extend the deadline by a period of three months, citing the COVID-19 situation in the country during the months of April and May.

The High Court directed that the nomination of all the vacant positions be filled to ensure that the Commission functions efficiently and the purpose of the commission as envisaged under the National Commission for Minorities Act, 1992 is also justified.

Abhay Ratan Bauddh, in his petition, has said that only the post of Vice-Chairman of the Commission was functional since October 2020, while the remaining positions, including that of the Chairperson and members from Buddhist, Christian, Parsi, Sikh and Jain communities, remained vacant. It claimed that despite bringing the issue to the attention of the Ministry, the government has not done anything to fill up the posts.

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