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Do Not Let Your Guard Down… Yet

Dear Readers,

Before all else, on behalf of Team Parsi Times, I’d like to thank you for your abundant response and your kind words of appreciation and encouragement, for our bumper Parsi New Year issue. Our aim is to get your weekend started with a smile on your face, and your feedback has been most gratifying.

I hope the start of the New Year has been on a positive and productive note for you and that it will set an equally positive and productive tone for the rest of the year. As life and its various aspects slowly crawl back to resuming some form of the normalcy we once knew and crave today, let us not forget that we are still a while away from that paradise.

Like the great poet, Robert Frost hath said, ‘Miles to go before we sleep’… sleep yet again, with yesterday’s gay abandon, where we didn’t have to worry for our wellbeing and our lives, where terms like ‘Covid-Appropriate-Behaviour’ and ‘Social Distancing’ were alien to one’s vocabulary, and the only thing that the word ‘mask’ made us recall, was our last Halloween party!

So, until the time that COVID no longer poses a threat to us, let us not take things for granted. All the same, let’s keep the flame of hope and positivity alive in our hearts, with the knowledge that a better tomorrow is the result of doing our best today. In the words of the great Benjamin Franklin, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” So, dear friends, do not let your guard down… yet.

Have a good weekend!

– Anahita



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