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Small Things And Little Joys Make A Big Difference

Dear Readers,

How often do you overlook the small things and the little joys in life because you’re always searching for something more, something bigger? Focusing on the big picture and forgetting to appreciate the little joys leaves us feeling inadequate – in a perpetual state of wanting, never really happy.

We forget that it’s these little things that make up our everyday happiness, leading to a more fulfilled life. We fail to realise that while these may not be the earth-shattering and game-changing impacts we all seek, these little pockets of joy await us in the here and now, to be cherished and experienced in real time. It’s these small moments and appreciation of the little joys that make all the difference in our world, because these are accessible much more often than those ‘big things’ and these comprise the majority of our lives! Appreciating the little things is about focusing our attention on what nurtures and sustains us in life, bringing us even the smallest amount of joy, and practicing gratitude for just that.

More than ever, it is now, when we’re all slowly recovering from the horrors of the pandemic, that we need reinforcements to keep our sense of hope and faith going, by growing an appreciation for the little joys of life that we so often take for granted… the rising sun, the divine embrace we feel with the warmth of sunlight on our face, the star-studded sky at night, the flowers sprouting in our flower-pots, the wagging tails of our pooches on seeing us, the smiling face of family members, the laughter of friends, your favourite meal in your plate, the sound of your mum or dad’s voice on the other end of the phone… there’s so, so much to appreciate and be grateful for!

If there’s one thing we’ve had to wisen up to, over the past couple years, it’s that life is not just short, it’s unpredictable. We need to live each moment in the present and appreciate every morsel of joy. It doesn’t take too much to cultivate a healthy sense of appreciation for life… spending time with loved ones and reminiscing old memories, celebrating your achievements – no matter how small, slowing down and taking a step back from the hectic pace of life to be present in the present… all this helps appreciate those little things and small joys which make our world a happier place to live in.

So don’t forget to notice and nurture those small things and the little joys of life… the rewards are inversely proportional!

Have a lovely weekend!

– Anahita

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