Ratan Tata Pens ‘Future Note’ To Young Indians In 2047

In keeping with the fervour of Independence Day, the community’s and the nation’s most celebrated and cherished icon, Ratan Tata, who is Chairman Emeritus – Tata Sons; and Chairman – Tata Trusts, wrote, “If I had the opportunity of writing to the young Indian citizens in 2047, the year in which India would attain a 100 years of independence, I would say the following:

To the young Indian citizens of 2047,

I would like to congratulate you as members who have voted to keep India as a freely voting democracy which has peacefully settled border disputes and religious controversies. During these years, I would hope that India will have achieved a meaningful position in the global economic arena with its stable economic policies with the vision of the government in power.

Above all, I would hope that you would continue to take your place as part of a nation that will uphold and support a government that will stand for continuing peace and economic stability in the future years.”

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