ZTFI: Rising Up To The Challenge Always!

“If there be any truer measure of a man than by what he does, it must be by what he gives.”

The ongoing pandemic has brought our Mumbai city to its knees, making it that much more challenging for the underprivileged of our community. The loss of lives and livelihood adds greatly to the woes of those not as fortunate as the rest of us.

Committed to bringing solace and easing the sufferings of the not-so-fortunate Humdins, ZTFI (Zoroastrian Trust Funds of India) – the community foremost non-profit organisation, which has been at the helm of supporting community members through their various predicaments for well over a decade now – has yet again proven indispensable in providing timely help and relief.

Ever since the onset of the dreaded novel coronavirus pandemic, ZTFI, fronted by the dynamic Yasmin Mistry, has been providing immense support to those in need. Due to the mandatory rules of social distancing and travel restrictions, especially during the devastating second wave that hit India a few months ago, ZTFI volunteers have not been able to provide their usual services, in keeping with the wellbeing of the beneficiaries as well as their own.

Even so, in keeping with its motto of ‘Community First’, ZTFI has been providing comprehensive support in the form of medical aid, medical reimbursements as well as monetary funding, over the past six months consistently, with money being deposited into the accounts of beneficiaries to ensure they were not left helpless through these challenging times.

“We never stopped helping. We knew that this was the time they most needed all the support they could get. And through these tough times, you never know what they might need – it could be consumables, medicine, utilities or any other thing. So, we thought it best to ensure they would be able to procure it for themselves by facilitating them with the means to do so,” explains Yasmin Mistry. Hence, every single beneficiary received monetary help every month without fail! And this was in addition to the monthly rations! ZTFI supported every beneficiary in need and managed to get the job done, in adherence with, and despite, all the limitations they had to work with.

“Of course, providing this level of financial support would not have been possible without the munificence of our donors, who placed their faith in us, for which I am as humbled as I am grateful,” shares Yasmin, having disbursed monetary help amounting to nearly Rupees twenty lakhs, to beneficiaries in need. “Despite going through these stressful times and facing constraints themselves, our donors stepped up to the plate, to ensure no community member slept with their plate empty!” adds Yasmin. Donors were also provided 100% transparency with regard to the details of how and where their funds were employed, thereby invoking an even greater sense of faith in both – donors and recipients.

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As things open up gradually, on 10th August, 2021, ZTFI held its monthly Grain Distribution Program for the workers of the ward at the J J Hospital, with ZTFI frontrunner – Yasmin Mistry and her mother and ZTFI Trustee, the legendary Arnavaz Mistry – known for her inexhaustible community service and humanitarian initiatives.




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