BPP Housing: A Donor’s Promise, A Beneficiary’s Distant Dream

Clause 4 of the NM Wadia Charity Trust reads:

  1. IT IS HEREBY AGREED AND DECLARED by and between the said parties to these presents that they the Trustees and each of them according as all of them jointly or any one or more of them shall have the same vested in their her or his names or name shall stand and be possessed of the said heriditaments and premises particularised in the 1st Schedule hereunder written and of the securities particularised in the 2nd Schedule hereunder written (all of which are collectively hereinafter referred to as “The Trust Estate”) and likewise all and every – the property moveable and immoveable – of what nature soever which may under the trusts of these presents be substituted or added in due execution of the said trusts UPON TRUST to appropriate and use the same for the purposes of an Institution to be called or known by the name of “The Rustomjee Nowrosjee Wadia Trust Buildings for Parsees” and having for its objects the provision of clean comfortable and inexpensive residential quarters for poor and middle class members of the Parsee Community professing the Zoroastrian faith and in connection therewith to afford to such persons facilities and conveniences for the performance of funeral and other ceremonies medical relief instruction and recreation and for such other purposes as the Trustees may think directly or indirectly conducive to the effort and well being of the said persons and upon further trust to maintain , improve, develop control and manage the said Institution.

On Thursday, 2nd September, 2021, at 6:00pm, the Charity Flat at Rustom Baug, Bldg. No.: 13/3, was auctioned by the BPP Trustees and sold for 3.30 crores.

If YOU are a middle-class / poor Parsi (entitled to Free Housing at affordable rents as per the wishes and will of our munificent donor – the gracious and benevolent Lady Jerbai Nusserwanji Wadia), COULD YOU AFFORD THIS???



How can Trustees, who have ‘UPON TRUST’ been assigned their duty as ‘TRUSTEES’, to alleviate the housing issues of poor Parsis, take it on upon themselves to SELL a CHARITY FLAT for Rs. 3.30 crores???

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