From the Editors Desk

From The Editor's Desk

Doing Your Best Today Keeps You Prepared For Tomorrow

Dear Readers,

Despite our minuscule numbers, our community is respected and cherished across India and the world, for its greatness – great people, great contributions and a glorious legacy. While we may not be able to replicate the extraordinary vision or the exceptional contributions of our predecessors, which birthed this brilliant legacy, there is a role we all can play in sustaining, enriching, and taking forward this grand inheritance.

A legacy is not about leaving something for people, it is about leaving something in people. All through our lives, we model ourselves and our value systems on those close to us – parents, family, friends and community leaders. What we see, we learn. What we do, we teach.

The greatest legacy we can pass on to our next gen is not money or material achievements, but a solid, non-substitutable sense of character, integrity and faith. We need to engage and live as a community in ways that will highlight this precedent, if we want our legacy to stand upon our youth. We need to leave behind only the best of us in people around us.

We comprise an integral part of the legacy-continuum; just as we fall back on our ancestors for fundamental values, we must reach out to our youth as guardians of that legacy of greatness. It is up to us to justify the inheritance bestowed upon us, and moreso, to bequeath a legacy that is worthy of our community’s youth and its future.

When we bid our final adieu to this world, what we really leave behind is measured in terms of how many lives we made a difference to and how many hearts we touched. Let’s leave behind a legacy that truly matters, and just like the one we inherited from our glorious forefathers, one that makes a positive impact and sets the right tone for the future generations of our blessed community.

Have a lovely weekend!

– Anahita

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