Happiness is Truly Ageless At Navsari’s WZO Trust Funds Senior Citizens Centre

The Trustees and Administration Team, WZO Trust Funds Senior Citizens Centre, Navsari, write in:

Residents of WZO Trusts Funds Senior Citizens Centres at Navsari are quite illustrative of the adage, ‘Happiness is Ageless’! The residents are happy, not because everything is good, but because they adapt to all situations and see the good side of everything.

The earlier week witnessed very heavy showers most part of the day, making it difficult for the Senior Citizens to venture out for their morning walks and evening strolls. Not deterred by the wet weather forcing them to remain indoors, the jolly band of residents got together with the Administration Team to enjoy rounds of playing Housie together, finishing off the evening fun with freshly made Gulab Jamuns!

On another such wet day, the golden-oldies decided to substitute their regular lunch and instead, gorge on fresh Masala Dosas. The Administrative Team quickly arranged for the feast which left our residents happy and satiated.

Our residents know that we can only be happy as much as we make up our minds to be. Happiness is finally not how much we have but how much we enjoy our days, how much life we put into our days and not how many days we put into our lives.

Kudos to the exemplary and untiring efforts put in by the Trustees and Administration Team of the Senior Citizens Centre, run by WZO Trust Funds, at Navsari, for keeping alive the joy and a smile on the faces of our senior citizens in their twilight years!a

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