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Thank You For Announcement of Behram Yazad Jasan

Thank you for the announcement of Behram Yazd Jasan and the speeches to be delivered thereafter, on 4th Sept, 2021, in Parsi Times. The Jashan performed for bringing about good times back, in view of religious places being closed and the threat of pandemic’s third wave looming large – was a real relief for me and my family in Mumbai, as well for others too, who participated.

It was done with sincerity, which is laudable. It was a pleasure to see and hear all our respected High Priests -three High Priests attended live online, and our two other High Priests, who are very old, sent in their messages of good wishes and positivity for the community, to be read out on this special occasion.

May Ahura Mazda bless them all with good health, as well as bless our selfless Mobeds – Er. Zarrir and Er. Zerksis Bhandara , as also Mobed Saheb – Jaal Birdy.

– Hillee Dastoor

(Er. Zarrir Bhandara shares with PT, the following excerpts from an email he received from community members, in gratitude of the Jashan held at the ZAC Atash-kadeh)

Gratitude For The Behram Yazad Jashan From Zarthostis Worldwide Who Are Unable To Attend Religious Events In Person.

Dear Mobed Saheb Zarrir,

Thank you for your kindness and selfless dedication in sharing your prayer sessions via Zoom. In these difficult times of isolation, these have provided great support and consolation to us, and to many others who are shielding at home.

The very look of the holy Fire and the Prayers increases the feeling of well-being and thereby, even emotional health. It also helps the immune system and mental balance, as Science has proven one’s emotional state is linked to one’s immune health. The very sight of the Prayerful puts one’s mind at ease and connects one to the divine.

With the possibility of this brilliant zoom technology, if one had to choose not to provide these sessions, it would be like withholding a lifeline from those who are isolated or handicapped and are unable to attend prayer sessions at the fire temples in person, especially during these COVID times.

In Yasna Ha 43.1 Asho Zarathushtra guides us to give happiness to others. Likewise in the Yatha Ahu Vairyo, we are guided to share with those who need help/succour. In these times of isolation and challenge, we around the world are indeed the ‘Drigubyo’ whom you are so kindly helping, by giving us the opportunity to hear and see the prayers in your soulful voice, rendered with all your devotion. Although we cannot feel the same environment sitting at home, we try to simulate it with a divo and afarganyu and can almost smell and feel in our minds the image of the Fire Temple.

Asho Zarathushtra has guided us in the Gathas in Yasna Ha 30.19 to hear and meditate over the truth. Through your Zoom sessions, you have enabled all Zarathushtis the opportunity to remotely connect with the divine in the safety of our own homes, while isolating….

In the olden days, when one used to attend the Agiary, one had to take a bath, then walk without touching anything else until they reached the Agiary – ensuring that they were completely clean. The benefit of providing the environment of the Jashans and other Prayers remotely through Zoom, is that we can maintain the purity of our minds and our personal cleanliness, and doing kusti before these prayers begin on Zoom. Yet who knows, when people travel to Fire Temples by public transport (as everybody does not have a vehicle), who has sat before them or around them, who may have been in different physiological or mental states, and whose vibrations and auras they have shared before they enter the fire temple. While they can wash their hands and face on entry to the temple, their clothes and their aura may be in a different state. We simply do not know these things and have chosen to adapt.

So then, what difference does it make to people who criticise the prayers on Zoom, which enable so many devoted people to receive the blessings of the Prayers and the Priests??

Mobed Saheb Zarrir, you are indeed doing yeoman, great service with your Humata, Hukhta and Huvarashta, by selflessly dedicating so much of your time, praying for us Zarathushtis all over the world, for which we are and we ought to be truly grateful. May Dadaar Ahura Mazda’s choicest blessings be showered upon you, your son Mobed Zerkxis and the rest of your family for all the caring and loving dedication to the cause of the Zarathushtis around the world.

Yazdaan Panaah Baad!

With much respect, 

Jerou and Karishma

A Heart-Felt Thanks!

A sincere thanks for announcing the great religious event – ‘Behram Yazad Jashan to welcome Good Times’, with a message of healing from all of our High Priests in Parsi Times, and also on your Facebook page as well. It was an exceptionally great event welcoming the good times, eradicating and transforming the bad into good, with solemn prayers performed.

The icing on the cake was, for the first time, ALL of our High Priests coming together and blessing our community with the message of hope, health, joy, happiness and longevity! 

A big shout out to Er. Zarrir Bhandara and ZAC for organizing this very successful event, and to Parsi Times for having shared it with Zarthostis across India and the world with their excellent reach.

Katy Alamshaw (Social Worker)

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