Soul Contract

Every soul comes to planet Earth for a purpose, which may be to pay off its Karmic-debts, balance its own soul-energy, sacrifice an entire lifetime for others, to heal itself, to heal other souls, or to gift something to others, like great music, great art or great literature.

As per numerous religions, before incarnating, the soul enters into a sacred agreement with the Universe to fulfil certain goals. Each soul undertakes a particular task. It may be to heal others as a doctor, raise a happy family as a housewife, make others laugh as a comedian or communicate ideas as a writer. Now, all the happy and unhappy experiences of your life first serve to prepare you, and later, fulfil that contract. If you fail to fulfil your contract, you feel a sense of ’emptiness’ in life, or something wrong or something missing in your life. This is because the soul is ‘hungry’ to accomplish the goal it incarnated for; and unless you feed the soul’s hunger, you’ll feel restless or even depressed.

As you fulfil the purpose for which you were born, you feed the energy of your soul. How will you know your purpose in life? By looking at the experiences of your life that ‘activate’ something in you. When the deepest part of you becomes engrossed with happiness for what you are doing, when your activity becomes gratifying and purposeful, when you are extremely happy doing a certain work which you are, in fact, ordained to do – whether its’ singing, dancing, painting, raising a family, making others laugh, acting or writing.

                     The Universe helps you achieve your purpose through interactions with your parents and with those you’ve chosen to share your intimacy, with whom, out of billions of souls on Earth, you share parts of your life, serve to ‘activate’ you to fulfil your soul-contract or the purpose for which you were born. It’s not always an easy path. The pains that you suffer, the insults, the loneliness that you feel, the various experiences that are unhappy, distressing and disappointing and the set-backs, tragedies are each a doorway to the awareness of your soul-contract.

Within each of these painful and negative experiences, is a challenge that pushes you more determined, with wisdom, towards your purpose in life. Of course, your guardian angels and spirit-guides will help and protect you. Even encourage you to follow your growth and development by learning through pain but the choice of free-will is entirely yours.

When you are going through a really bad patch, tell the Universe, “Thy will be done,” and just let it go. Trust the Universe. If you take a decision to follow a certain path, then allow your life to go into the hands of the Universe –  totally, completely! If you doubt the dimension of non-physical guides like angels, masters and teachers, just remind yourself that you are supported, that you are not alone.

When you ask for guidance and assistance, simply assume that it is immediately pouring on you. Live in total belief that the Universe has heard your request and help is already on the way. Pray, ask for guidance. Prayer is moving into a personal relationship with Divine Intelligence. When you pray, you attract ‘grace’. Grace is uncontaminated, conscious, endless light. In Zoroastrianism, this state is called ‘Anasar-Roshni’ or Heaven. Prayer brings grace and grace calms you. Grace is the soul’s tranquiliser. With grace comes the realisation that what you’re experiencing is necessary for your soul’s growth, even if it is the unbearable ‘dark night of the soul.’

Practice kindness and compassion. The physical body is ‘soothed’ by the energy of love and ‘torn’ by lower energies like anger, rage, jealousy and violence. When you treat another person harshly, it is you who is ‘torn’. When you treat another person with kindness, you treat yourself kindly and your consciousness expands. Grace encourages you to give and by giving you attract abundance in your life and the Universe will give much more to you. If you give with grudge, judgement, limitation and stinginess – that is exactly what you’ll create in your life -judgement by others, limitation of good things and stinginess of happiness. This is the law of Karma. How you treat others is the way the Universe will treat you. If you radiate love, kindness and humour, you’ll automatically attract people in your life who give you love, kindness and humour so that you fulfil your Soul-Contract under happy circumstances.

Laugh and play as you grow older. Laugh at the richness, beauty and playfulness of the Universe. This is very important for the soul. To fulfil your Soul-Contract, ask yourself – what makes me happy? When do I feel extreme bliss? While singing? While painting? Teaching? Dancing? Writing? Whatever gives you extreme happiness – you have to contribute to the world because THAT is your Soul-Contribution and your purpose for this incarnation.

Allow yourself to choose good over bad and select the most positive behaviour at every moment. Pay no attention to the negative energies of others. You release your negativity and choose to heal yourself and others. Humility, forgiveness, charity, humour and love are all gifts from the Universe to everyone. Let them take root and bloom and you’ll become a soul who knows its life’s purpose! And you’ll have fulfilled your Soul-Contract with the Universe.

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