WIRI Felicitates Parsi Women Achievers

On 31st August, 2021, the WIRI (Women In Rotary India) group hosted Parsi New Year festivity online, by conferring the ‘WIRI group Excellence Awards’ on Parsi personality, legendary thespian Padma Shri Yazdi Naoshirwan Karanjia and women achievers who have made their mark in a man’s world with grace, strength, intelligence and fearlessness – notably, Maharukh Chichgar, Dr. Khurshid Zarsis Merchant, Zarine Kersi Commissariat, Dr. Farida Mandviwala, Pearl Mistry, Frenaz Chipla, Dr. Rashne Jehanbux Tata, Pallavi Shroff Bharucha, Vaishta S Cooper, Dr. Anahita V B Hodiwala, Dr. Katy Yazdi Gandevia and Pearl Rusi Boga.

The event was led by WIRI Group Convener Julia Gangwani, curated and executed by WIRI group Fellowship coordinator Dr. Namrataa Srivastav, supported by other leading lady rotarians. The Rotary college of Lady Governors and WIRI group officials were donned in Parsi attire. The evening’s centrepiece, ‘Unity And Diversity’, was elevated by the National Anthem, with floral Paris new year wishes images commemorating the inauguration, illuminated with Parsi oil-lamps accompanied by ‘Chahiye Hame Zarthosti’ – the Parsi anthem, alongside the showcasing of Gara saris, scarves and other cultural gestures. The ceremony was attended by Parsis across India.

The citations of awards were read and presented online to recipients. Complementing the festivities, winners for the ‘Best Theme Dressed’ were given e-certificates. The Parsi audience greatly appreciated this exciting first WIRI Group Festival Celebration.

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