Ava Roj Jashan At Bhikha Behram Well

24th October, 2021 – Ava Roj of Mah Khordad, marked the twelfth anniversary of the initiative started by Hoshaang Gotla and Perzon Zend, to hold a Jashan and Humbandagi on Ava roj every month throughout the year (except during the lock down) at the Holy Bhikhabehram well.

With places of worship now open to the public, a Jashan was performed in the morning, followed by a humbandagi and a brief talk by Noshir Dadrawala, on the importance of prayers in day-to-day life. Ervad Aspandiar Dadachanji was remembered fondly by both, Hoshaang Gotla and Noshir Dadrawala.

Special thanks was offered to trustee of the Bhikhaehram well – Dr. Viraf Kapadia and to Hoshaang Gotla – for sustaining the effort initiated twelve years ago. Rohitan Elavia of Bandra donated a ‘setranji’ (carpet) for mobed sahebs to perform Jashan.

Later, the congregation sang ‘Chaye Hame Zarthosty’ and enjoyed the chashni and cakes, courtesy Yezdani Bakery.

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