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Dear Readers,

The one equation that has always applied to our minuscule community, without a shade of doubt, is that our achievements have always been inversely proportional to our population. There is no other community in the world that has accomplished as much, or earned as much fame and pride worldwide, in proportion to its tiny population, as ours.

But now, in addition to our achievements, even our ongoing issues and drama, seem to be inversely proportional to our populace! It took a hunger strike on the part of Trustees Noshir Dadrawala and Kersi Randeria, to get all the BPP trustees to the table and undo last week’s legally and ethically questionable resolution, of yet again postponing community elections. The community is relieved earlier of its unwarranted disenfranchisement, thanks to the Trustees’ unanimous decision to hold elections in March, as opposed to October, 2022.

We welcome this wonderful piece of news in the hope that the five Trustees will now be able to work amicably for their remaining tenure, with integrity and dignity, and without the signature acrimony and public-bashing. But the better news is that this hunger strike motivated even our sleepy-verging-on-indifferent community members to wake up and unite with the rest, in a show of splendid solidarity for a good cause! Now if that ain’t a Win-Win, what is?

As the Trustees embark on the last leg of their journey for this term, we look forward to them continuing their community service and welfare initiatives – which marked the start of their term – as an awakened Community!

Have a good weekend!

– Anahita


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