The resolution passed by an unwarranted majority vote (Chairperson Armaity Tirandaz and Trustee Viraf Mehta), in last Tuesday’s (12th October, 2021) BPP Board meeting, to yet again postpone the BPP Elections (which have been overdue for a year now) to October, 2022, did not sit well with minority Trustees – Noshir Dadrawala and Kersi Randeria. This resolution was passed in the absence of Trustee Xerxes Dastur, with Chairperson Tirandaz exercising her power to cast her additional vote, thus resulting in a 3:2 majority, against the two dissenting minority Trustees.

 Frustrated with this continued political powerplay, which was not just stealing the very fundamental democratic right of community members to vote, but was also in violation of Court Orders, Trustees Nohir Dadrawala and Kersi Randeria went on a Hunger Strike, starting 18th October, 2021, as a peaceful protest against the abject desecration of the due democratic process, considering the constant unethical and illegal postponement of BPP Elections.

While a mutual agreement to finally hold the elections on March 27, 2022 was finally agreed upon by all Trustees, on 20th October, 2022, it was indeed heartening to see the community came together in overwhelming support of the two Trustees who, at the cost of their very health, were fighting to not just restore the rights of the community members, but also redeem the mission and the vision of the 350-year-plus apex institution, the BPP, itself.


356 Community Members Came In Person To The Bpp Office To Sign The Petition

– 3,116 Community Members Signed The Online Petition

 Here are some of the voices of our Community…

 VADA DASTURJI KHURSHED K. DASTOOR, HIGH PRIEST – IRANSHAH: I am not in the least bit shocked or surprised at what I have been reading, transpired in the boardroom of this “meant to be” August Institute of the Community. What I feel is shame, regret, disgust and antipathy instead! I sincerely wish you would set aside your personal agendas and self-interest that has taken precedence over your duty and responsibility to oversee the welfare and interest of the community and its needy members.

Today I feel duty bound to lend voice to my opinion and take sides with Mr. Noshir Dadrawala who for years has been fighting a lonesome battle on behalf of the entire community. His motive and demands are selfless and absolutely fair. I request you, in all earnest, to stop making childish and lame excuses to avoid an inevitable and overdue election, make amends and hold a fair election at the earliest. May the spirit of Vohu Manah be Imbibed!

 HANOZ MISTRY: Given the various challenges faced by the community today, it is imperative that we have a full functional board; more importantly, one which can function as a cohesive team. Hence, elections are the only solution.

PERCY MASTER: We must follow the High Court decision.

ZENOBIA KAPADIA: As everything has opened now, voting should take place. We need trustees who give houses to the needy and not sell them. Do good and good will come to you.

 NASHA JASSAWALLA: I agree to early elections

 PERCY TANTRA: I am supporting the stand taken against the resolution to delay the BPP trustees election till Oct 2022. For very valid reasons the scheme was framed to function with 7 elected trustees. It’s now over a year that there are only 5 trustees functioning, so the sooner we have 7 trustees operating as Trustees, the better it is for the community.

JIMMY MOTEWALLA: Violation of a court order passed as recently as March 2021 is disgraceful on the part of the BPP trustees.

ROOSI SATARAWALLA: Empty seats should be filled up in order to stop dadagiri.

MANECK ENGINEER: Because of the Autocratic behavior of majority trustees.

DHAN PATEL: It’s the correct thing to do. Free and fair Elections are everybody’s right.

 ADIL KAPADIA: Good initiative of taking this step God Bless you

 BEHRAM TANTRA: Holding timely elections is fundamental to democracy

KAMALROOKH MAROLIA: It’s essential to have ALL elected representatives, run the BPP. The elections are long overdue.

KURUSH DASTOOR: It is important that the BPP functions with the full 7 trustees and hence elections should be held as per the HC guidelines. If expenses are a concern, all sitting trustees should resign and elections for all 7 trustees should be held in one go, and the amendment of the 7 year term to 5 year can be done later and be made binding on all trustees.

RUSTOM PATEL: Boss – enough is enough! What nonsense is this, why postpone elections when 2 seats are empty? Why wait?? What’s the reason??? Everything has started all over the country, then why all this natak and politics? Simple che – elections have to happen, no more dadagiri will be tolerated now. Bas thai gayu ave, temperatures are boiling now of every Parsi. It’s simple here I am only concerned for the betterment of our community and nothing else. And a gentle reminder to the Trustees protesting for No elections – please don’t forget you’ll are on that seat because of us…

HORMAZDIAR KHAN: I believe in a responsible, honest set of trustees to regulate the affairs of BPP.

SHARMIN BHATHENA: Couple of goons want to control the community assets – shame on us if we don’t change this and bring in decent Parsis on the BPP Board.

ROHINTON DADACHANJI: We need to get good people on board through elections in a democratic set-up

RUSSY MASTER: Do the right thing & have a fair election. Do not be a dictator or face impeachment. Also open the books so Parsee community can see how & where you unelected people spend the money.

ERVAD ASPI RAO: Elections must be carried out at all costs and under any circumstances Trustees should move forward for good governance. YAZDAN PANAH BAAD!

MEHERNAVAZ VESAVEVALA: Because I believe in following the system – it’s not a fiefdom but a democratic body, representative of the community.

FREDDY PARDIWALLA: Elections should be done as per High Court orders

YEZDI BHAGWAGAR: Any change in the constitution i.e. the scheme can be undertaken by the full board of Trustees after filing up all the vacancies. Hence elections first!

 KAIZAD MISTRY: Elections are a democratic right. Please listen to the voice of the common Parsi.

 MAHZARINE JOGANI: Elections must be held transparently at the earliest, in line with our rules.

KERSI MISTRY: Let all the trustees resign and let us have fresh elections for all seven trustees with a five-year term and limited to two terms only to be held by Dec.21. Let there be no groupism and let us have trustees who are independent with minds of their own. Interest of the community welfare should be the topmost priority. Such a small community with 100% literacy and 100% infighting is not heard of in any community! We don’t even leave our high priests alone. It is a shame.

KATIE ENGINEER: I am signing his petition because it’s the right thing to do.

ABAN TAMPAL: I feel that we do require the BPP voting to take place so that our community benefits.

RONNIE SETHNA: I want change!

VISPY ICHHAPORIA: In a democratic system an autocratic decision cannot be taken. It’s the right of every beneficiary to choose who represents them in BPP. By forcibly postponing the elections, the right of every community member is being violated. Request everyone who stands for truth to sign this petition. BPP is our community’s august institution – we can’t see it getting ruined due to interference of an outsider.

 KATY ANTIA: A full board is essentially required for its proper functions.

ZAMBI BACHA: We want justice!!!

PERVEZ COOPER: Elections should be held immediately. Why should the entire Parsi Community suffer at the hands of two people who are trying to sabotage the entire functioning of the BPP. It’s high time, community decides and throws out these unwanted elements.

VISPI BUHARIWALA: I want the elections for two trustees’ vacancies to be filled up ASAP

ERUCH AWARI: Elections must take place as per Court Directive!

 RATAN BATLIWALA: It’s ridiculous how people can get so dictatorial.

FIRDOUS SIDHWA: File a suit against so called majority trustees – they should be immediately removed from the trusteeship for contempt of court and they or any of their relatives, friends, family or backed candidates should be barred from contesting any form of election in India.

 MEHERNOSH FITTER: I’m a member of BPP – we have a right to vote for our full board to function; Why just 3??? It is total injustice, so we have joined the hunger strike, please support all of us at the BPP for elections. Thanks to Trustees Mr. Noshir Dadrawala & Mr Kersi Randeria.

 SHAROOKH CONTRACTOR: One needs to follow the order as given by the Honourable High Court.

Trustees are custodian of the Trust and hence need to follow rules as set.

 JEHANGIR GOTLA: It is high time BPP has been functioning only on 5 trustees inplace of 7. Why delay. Do it as early as possible by this yr end.

 JAMSHEED SUKHADWALA: The elections are necessary to have a fully functional and represented board of Trustees. However, we need to ensure that the BPP funds are used optimally and saved. Hence elections should be done for all 7 seats together at the earliest to save on multiple election costs. Having a co-terminus term of all 7 seats will ensure that the elections for the entire board is carried out in the most cost optimized manner. The present Trustees need to unite and come to an amiable decision at the earliest on the above lines.

NEVILLE SARKARI: The board should have diversity. Full board is needed for proper functionality of Trust

FIROZ BARDOLIWALA: Obay the High Court Judgement

RODA MEHTA: Elections are the only means by which citizens can effectively communicate their acceptance or rejection of candidates, based upon their competence, integrity & performance.

 SHAROOKH DALAL: The democratic process is sacrosanct!

ARMAITY ENGINEER: I agree that the vacancies need to be filled.

MALCOLM TATARY: In every aspect these vacancies must be filled as we Parsis need some strong backing which currently we’re lacking. Hence, I request BPP to conduct Election’s ASAP and let the proceedings begin as Covid-19 has dried up and it’s high time we await results from the elected Candidates

YASMIN FERIDOON: I want the BPP elections to be held at the earliest

BEHRAM TANTRA: Holding timely elections is fundamental to democracy

MEHER DASTOOR: It is necessary that the BPP functions with a full quota of Trustees for good governance. Hence elections are important.

 YASMIN CHARNA: I genuinely feel that this illegal resolution to postpone the elections till 2022 is absolutely wrong. As Mr. Noshir Dadrawalla mentioned, it should be done by December 2021.

KHUSHROO MISTRY: This is the right thing to do. The BPP is no one’s personal Jagir.

ARMAITY KERSI MAROLIA: I feel the elections have been postponed for very long. It should be held ASAP. The high-handedness of Trustees like Tirandaz and Mehta should be brought to an end.

 NAAZRIN AMARIA: It is not correct to postpone the elections any further.

SHIRIN KANGA: No more excuses. Community deserves honest sincere Trustees who put aside their egos and work in the interest of the community

H J MEHTA: I am signing this as I believe in Noshir’s honesty in dealing with Trust matters!

KEKI DOCTOR: I am for the elections at the earliest; no point in delay.

DINSHAW KATRAK: Elections should be held on time and there should not be any manmaani by Armaity and Viraf

 BINAIFER KHAJOTIA: The elections must be held to ensure unbiased decisions can be taken.

 JAMSHID DALAL: Enough of this high handedness and arrogance. The so-called Trustees need to realize that they have been entrusted with the funds and assets belonging to the community and the time has come to toe the line.

SANOBER MEDHORA: It is absolutely illegal for the BPP functioning with 2 trustees in majority, making decisions! Are they thinking we all are fools??

 PERCY PESTONJI: All the Best and do Good for Our Deserving Community Members. Be Blessed Forever.

 CYRUS TARAPORE: Elections are long overdue. We need to comply with the court order. Keep personal agenda aside allow the BPP to function properly.

 HOSHANG NEKOO: Preferred that election to be held at the earliest in order that BPP can function well

FAROKH BHARUCHA: I agree the election should be held as per the date given by the High Court without further delay.

 COOMIE SADRI: If a resolution is illegal it needs to be changed. No high handedness should be tolerated in democracy.

NAUZER PESIKAKA: Elections must take place immediately

ALU BULSARA: We support the purpose of this petition

JAHANBIN DUMASIA: It’s the right thing to do

HOSHEDAR ELAVIA: In order to save the repeated cost of election, all trustees should resign and a fresh mandate should be taken. We are known to be law abiding citizens and the court order also needs to be honored. Under no conditions or circumstances can any individual be above law.



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