Mehrzaad Mogrelia Receives Global Pride Award 2021 In Financial Crime Prevention

Resident of Mumbai’s Godrej Baug and an earlier writer with Parsi Times, Financial Crime Investigator – Mehrzaad Mogrelia – recently received the ‘Global Pride Award 2021’ for his contributions and achievements in the field of Financial Crime Prevention. His body of work has established his credentials in the field of Financial Crime Detection and Prevention, through his freelancing work.

Some of his finer accomplishments include qualifying as a Certified Financial Crime Specialist at the young age of 27, as also unearthing the embezzlement of $100,000 in a Sydney-based organisation, in 2018. On the personal front, he finished second in the Asian Quizzing Championships (representing Australia, 2019) and being the youngest to secure a podium finish.

Mehrzaad is also the author of ‘A Quest Called Life’ (debut novel published in 2020)  which has won over 15 national and international literary awards. Having qualified as a Certified Financial Crime Specialist from the Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists, USA, in January 2020, Mehrzaad completed his Masters in Commerce from the University of Sydney, Australia in 2019. His hobbies include reading, swimming, quizzing and writing.

He defines success not by numbers or statistics, but “by how one has progressed today from yesterday and the best part is that when this positive shift happens, numbers and statistics automatically better up!” He is greatly inspired by the Olympics swimming legend Michael Phelps for his sense of perseverance through adverse situations and the unparalleled legacy.

In the near future, Mehrzaad plans to focus on further honing his expertise in Financial Crime Detection and Prevention through his freelancing work and spreading awareness on the various type of frauds happening across the globe. He also looks to foray into the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) space.

[Inputs: HBW News]

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