Urgent Appeal By World For All (WFA)

On 29th October, 2021, a horrible tragedy occurred while the vet was examining pet-patients at the World For All Canine Care Facility. A massive fire broke out barely 140 metres away from the center, where over 130 animals were under medical recovery. Though all animals were rescued, they were terrified due to the intensity of the fire, with constant loud explosions of electrical wires and glass structures, traumatizing the animals further. It took over 3 hours and 8 fire brigades to extinguish the raging fire.

Fortunately, no humans or animals got hurt physically. But, the Canine Center is facing a catastrophe, with out main electric cable, spanning 200 meters, getting completely burnt and destroyed. WFA faces huge challenges now in carrying out basic functions like providing drinking water, lights, fans, surgery equipment, warm water for sponging, storage for refrigerated medicines/ vaccines, sewage pumping and many more daily tasks.

We are grateful for the support and kindness you have earlier contributed towards the welfare of our animals and we need your help more than ever now.

The festival of Diwali has further witnessed a rise in rescue cases of burn victims or lost dogs, who will need help at our facility.

WFA has time and again faced adversities but continued to serve animals in need, thanks to the love, kindness and support of fellow animal lovers. We urge you to help us, so we can help more in need. WFA’s facility, which cares for and rehabilitates the lives of thousands of sick and injured animals, is facing its utmost challenge, as you read this.

Please join our mission to save needy animals and light their lives with health and love.


Taronish Bulsara,

Founder & President, World for All

[9820403978/ 9821333025]

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