XYZ Holds Leadership Camp 2K21

XYZ (Xtremely Young Zoroastrians) held a Leadership Camp from 3rd to 5th November, 2021 at Ali Baug, which comprised 50 participants including XYZ’s group leaders, XYZ Seniors and volunteers.

Participants were divided into 4 groups – namely ‘Absolute Bawas’; ‘Captain Underpants’; ‘Lukha 11’; and ‘High Tides’ – in this fun-filled camp, packed and an exciting schedule which included outdoor activities, team building and coordination sessions, games, performances and masti-majjha!

In the group and office bearer presentations, the Presidents presented the video, ‘A Year Gone By’, showcasing their ideas on their group t-shirts, while President nominees shared their videos on the funday organized on Religion and culture, which they had earlier conducted with their respective groups. These were judged by the teams. The winners were Shanaya Saklatwalla – President (Behram’s Battalion), Perceeus Thanawalla – President Elect, (Tehmurasp’s Titans) and Zaina Dumasia – President Nominee (Tehmurasp’s Titans).

Day one had an exciting treasure hunt planned where the teams picked clues across Ali baug’s Kihim Beach. ‘High Tides’ were declared winners. A campfire night was held next day, where teams performed as per the given themes like music, talent contest and improv. ‘Captain Underpants’ won, with their power-packed dance performance. They were also the overall winners of the camp and received cool XYZ Bags. Shahazad Gandhi of Shahazad Enterprise was thanked and presented a gift for handlinged the travel and logistics of the camp.

“We hope that the learning and memories of this camp will be etched in everyone’s hearts and minds and we look forward to many more interactions with the XYZ groups soon,” said Hoshaang Gotla, the dynamic Founder of XYZ.

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