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From The Editor's Desk

May Your Christmas Be Merry!


Dear Readers,

Merry Xmas to you and to your loved ones!

Today marks the most celebrated day of the year. And though the rising Covid cases, in tow with its latest variant, has yet again started to clamp down our freedom and festivities, that Christmassy spirit of celebration and fun, lives on in our hearts. Which is alright – not because we’re getting used to it, but because that’s where the true Xmas spirit truly thrives – in the heart that partakes the true Christmas spirit of love, of compassion, of giving and of gratitude.

We love receiving our Christmas gifts because these symbolize that we are thought of fondly and loved and cherished. We love feeling special. But what brings us even more joyous than unwrapping our gifts is to be a blessing to someone else, to be the reason that brings a smile to the face of another… to give.

There’s something about giving – immaterial of the time of the year – it fills us with a joy unparalleled to any other. Christmas provides that special opportunity to be that blessing through giving. And some of the most precious and meaningful gifts in the world don’t need you to reach into your pockets – because some things are simply invaluable… your time for someone feeling lonely, your smile to lift someone’s spirits, your reassuring hand on a weary shoulder, a warm hug to thaw a hurting heart, sweet words whispered into dejected ears… gift-wrapped in warmth and affection, these incomparable gifts outweigh and outshine all others.

And last, but by no means the least – one of the most important gifts of all to yourselves and to others – please practice Covid-appropriate behaviour at all times. The increasing number of cases indicate the potential onset of the third wave – so stay masked-up, maintain social distancing, use sanitizers and wash your hands frequently.

Have yourselves a blessed, Merry Christmas!


– Anahita

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