NCPA Presents Christmas With MERLIN And The ALL STARS

NCPA presents an exciting X’mas treat with artists of all ages, genres and styles congregate to bring you Christmas… including 7-year-old stars Ivana and Tiana who have rewritten their own lyrics too, and Elvis as well as a play by a senior citizen and more surprises! Spreading cheer and messages of Faith, Hope, Love and Joy, some of these award-winning artists have sung for Disney Netflix and films, NCPA brings you Operatic Arias, Rock n roll, Indo-Fusion, Rap, Swing, Pop, Reggae and Jazz, Carols, et al to enthral your senses. And don’t miss the befitting finale – an original by Merlin and Asif – ‘IT’S CHRISTMAS’ – where the audience and artists sing together! The ensemble includes Merlin Dsouza (Piano); Saurabh Suman (Bass Guitar); Adil Manuel (Lead Guitar); Linford Dsouza (Drums); and The Ramakrishnan Sisters (Violin Cello Keys), and lots of other artists!

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