2022: Are We Moving Into A New Dimension?

For a while now, New Age spiritualists and channeled beings have spoken about a shift in the earth’s dimensional vibrations. It is believed that the earth is ascending from a 3rd Dimensional state into the 4th or even the 5th one. Somehow, it doesn’t seem to have materialized yet. The COVID-19 impact increased many people’s conviction that this transition was happening in 2020. Then, there was the belief that just such a change would be apparently discernable on December 21, 2021, which marked the end of the Mayan Calendar.

It’s unlikely there’s going to be a sudden and complete change – a kind of tipping point. Us humans are now learning and increasingly applying those skills and perceptions to help move us into the next dimension. So, what are the 4th Dimensional consciousness skills? Intuition, creativity, practicing forms of meditation and yoga; lucid dreaming and out-of-body experience, channeling and other ways of communicating, working with past life regression, psychic abilities and hypnosis.

To understand spiritual dimensions the easiest way is to understand our waking state with our dreaming one. We all experience this. Spiritual dimensions or realities are much the same. Higher dimensions work on lighter densities and are characterized as having less stress and suffering, more harmony and cooperation, less exploitation and egocentric behavior, more wisdom and knowing, less separation and more oneness and love. In a 4th dimensional world, we would find consciousness based in love, harmony, cooperation, community and relationships. It could even be defined as waking up to our spiritual identities. Perhaps we could agree that 2020 and 2021 was pretty much about this on some level. So, will 2022 mark the recognition of our transition to a higher dimension?  As humans we are all built differently, we function differently. Awareness of an infinite oneness may come more easily to some, for others take time or never happen at all as they could find it unrelatable. Like any practice, spiritual awakening takes time.

So are you indeed ready for the great shift? It’s already happening; its effects are strongly felt in the atmosphere. It is ushering in new, fresh and vibrant energy. While our planet ascends into the 5th dimension, the path to getting there is still pretty much an individual journey. Some will make it, some won’t. It’s entirely up to us as individuals. Many believe that people have mostly had a Third Dimensional consciousness over the past approximately ten thousand years (since the Bronze Age). Even through then, there have always been some who had developed Fourth and Fifth Dimensional or even higher states of consciousness, such as saints, mystics, seers and spiritual teachers in many different belief systems. The transition in reality is occurring at this specific moment, as a result of being driven significantly by the rise in number of people on the planet that have developed their 4th and 5th dimensional consciousness and abilities.

The pandemic and how it is being perceived and managed, is having planet-wide spiritual impacts. It caused many to better discern what we want and do not need in our lives; what’s really important… It made us reevaluate our personal and social views; it forced us to look more inwards, become better acquainted with our inner selves and confront our inner demons. We learnt to value and not take for granted things in our lives, like fresh air, the outdoors, nature, freedom, companionship, community and love. The planet is moving into the 5th Dimension, into a higher frequency of love, light, compassion, less judgment, and a deeper connection with our spiritual self. Often, we cling to the Third Dimensional frequency, more focused on the superficial, the physical, being self-centered, worldly, and with less focus on our spiritual progress.

What greatly hinders our progress is when we hold on to dead, old energy and refuse letting go of what no longer serves us. To let go of the past will translate to our evolution. To accelerate your path to ascension, here are a few things to be mindful of:

  • You cannot have a victim mentality.
  • You take accountability for where you are in life.
  • You accept the past for what it is and have a peaceful resolve to move forward.
  • You find meaning and lessons in the hurts of the past without placing blame.
  • You accept yourself and others for who you are without judgment.
  • You wish the best for yourself and others.
  • You applaud the progress you have made even though you are not perfect.
  • You aim to do good and spread joy in the world.
  • You look for ways to do service.
  • You are gentle with your faults and those of others.
  • You are love at your core.

Even if you’re not all there, that’s alright, because none of us are! But if you try and spread a little more love and joy in the world and are a little less judgmental, rest assured – you’re on your way there already!




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