Behram Roj Jashan Performed At Mithaiwalla Agiary

On 2nd January, 2022, a Behram Roj Jashan was performed at the Mithaiwalla Agiary by the Panthaky Er. Hormuz Dadachanji and Er. Darayesh Katrak, alongside two other mobeds. The monthly Jashan held by the Agiary started at 10:30 am and was followed by a Humbandagi conducted by Er. Darayesh Katrak. Vegetarian snacks and chasni were distributed to all who had come to attend the Jashan and offer their prayers.

Behram Yazad is Pak Ahura Mazda’ angel who protects faithful Zarthostis living their lives as per the tenets of the religion. Behram Yazad is invoked for his miraculous powers of healing (baeshazem) from sickness. Behram Yazad blesses those who live righteous lives with unending happiness and dissipates all their challenges and pains.

Those who would like to donate towards the Hama Anjuman Jashan ceremony could contact Faredoon Kapadia: 9870085000.

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