Dr. Danesh Chinoy Awarded ‘Pioneer In Psychology Based Physiotherapy’ By NIST

Dr. Danesh Dinyar Chinoy was felicitated on 9th January, 2022, with the prestigious ‘Pioneer In Psychology Based Physiotherapy – Holistic Model’ title, under the ‘Skill India Awards 2021-2022’, conducted by the National Institute of Skills Training (NIST). He received this recognition for his outstanding contributions towards bringing transformation in people’s lives, with his endeavours spanning over two decades, in integrating psychotherapy principles, with the aim of creating a strong and holistic approach towards patient-centric treatment.

Dr. Danesh Chinoy, who is also a popular columnist with Parsi Times, is known for his expert knowledge, wisdom and skills as a much respected Physiotherapist and Psychologist, in keeping with his specializations in Sports Physiotherapy and Psychotherapy. He is a pioneer in integrating the principles and skills of psychotherapy and psychology into the practice of physiotherapy. Providing ground-breaking insights into holistic health and wellness, Dr. Chinoy’s rich expertise has won him innumerable awards, nationally and globally. His mission is to serve society by empowering not just elite athletes but also the common man into reaching their peak fitness.

An academic scholar, he is also an excellent mentor, with students always praising his unique style of teaching. Dr. Chinoy has played a key role in helping many world-class athletes and international players reach and sustain their peak. He’s presided as the Chief Physiotherapist for various sporting tournaments, nationally and globally, including the Davis Cup Lawn Tennis matches.

Speaking to PT, Dr. Danesh Chinoy said, “I started with a holistic therapeutic approach that combines theories and techniques from physiotherapy and psychotherapy, acknowledges the importance of addressing the body, the mind and the spirit during therapeutic work, in recognition of the fact that humans are complex beings with interacting, inseparable systems. I’m glad that my humble efforts are bearing fruit and now the new generation physiotherapists are learning and applying a more holistic patient centric approach to their treatment. I thank God Almighty for His grace and blessings always; as also my family, friends, colleagues, my clients, patients and my dear students who equally share the credit for all my successes!”

The multi-talented Dr. Chinoy is also known for his brilliant oratory skills and stage presence, having represented India at various international literary events. He was also chosen amongst the very best top ten professionals across India for a prestigious professional exchange programme with Germany by the Rotaract Club.

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