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Sad Partings

Dear Readers,

It is never easy coming to terms with the loss of loved ones. Sometimes, the loss is felt beyond the immediate circle of family and friends. In the past week, the community mourned the loss of two such lovely souls – one who we lost way before her time, in an unfortunate, tragic accident – our dynamic 18-year-old, Ruksheen Madon; And the other, a legend – no less, our very own Burjor Patel, who inarguably ruled Parsi and English theatre, for over four decades, with his inimitable talent and extraordinary performances. May their souls rest in eternal peace!

In addition to a heart-broken community, which will forever miss the theatre stalwart’s outstanding performances – be it in his plays or the iconic comedy series – ‘Bottom’s Up’, that was easily all the rage during his times – Burjor Patel leaves behind an awe-inspiring legacy, which, in itself, is all the tribute to the relentlessly innovative theatrical force that he was.

Revered and loved in equal measure, Burjor Patel and his equally talented and iconic better half, Ruby, were rightly reckoned as the First Couple of Mumbai’s Parsi/English theatre. Even in his 80s, Burjor Patel’s stage presence would easily steal the spotlight, with his performances delighting audiences, who could never get enough of his sharp wit, excellent comedy timing and quickfire repartee. For decades, his plays would be the single highest point of our Jamshedi Navroz and Parsi New Year celebrations.. and we will forever be thankful for that.

The community stands by the Patel family and the Madon family, in their time of grief. The saying comes to mind, ‘there are some losses that you don’t get over, you simply try and get through’.

I urge all of you to stay safe and act responsibly, in keeping with the mounting Covid outbreak again.

– Anahita

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