A Tribute to Love!

Valentine’s a day of Love! A day to fall in love, remain in love, rejoice in love and exalt love. On this day, especially, let all that you do, be done in love. There is only one great happiness in life; that is to love and be loved.

Tell me, what is the colour of your love? That poignant, energetic hue that defines who you love, how you love, and how you’re loved…

 Is it pale and tranquil? Does it flit or tiptoe around? Does it flamboyantly step out in style or simply spring out in vibrant hues? How do you love? Where does love begin and life end? In one lifetime we are all touched, soaked and completely immersed in its depths. How many have you loved within your lifetime, over the years? Is your daughter your buttercup, your child your button, your soulmate your Madonna, your friend an angel?

In a lifetime, have you lived only to be touched fleetingly by it or have you been completely soaked through with its all-powerful, all consuming passion. Are you filled and overwhelmed by its warmth and glow? We live to celebrate its infinite capacity, its presence in us, around us, in our smiles and certainly in our tears. It’s a vital part of every heartbreak and joy… In all those moments – stolen or treasured… In guilt or in places unknown and strange. It enraptures all who have claimed it and made it their own. It has fascinated even the few who perhaps have been deprived of it.

Love is gallant; love is noble in its beauty and strange and passionate in form. So fierce in feature, love drops in on you like an uninvited guest at times and sometimes it gently enters in a way that a river flows with the tide. If you have love in your heart, you have soul in your life. Love consumes you in your entirety. The colours of love are entrancing, they paint life as an artist paints pictures, with its colours, textures, depths and intrigue fascinating the most complacent of folks.

Love dances to its own tune, it beats to its own heart it. It can orchestrate a symphony or a simple tune, but wherever, whenever love enters, those feet will dance. You cannot control an aspect of its independent spirit. You cannot choose when how or why you love. You may love by accident, you may love by choice, you may love singularly, you may love exclusively… but when it’s true, you always love wholeheartedly and completely.

Love knows no dimensions; it spans oceans, it encompasses mountains, it envelops space, wraps time and scorches limits of all, everything and everywhere your soul can reach. We love in body, we feel in all manners of mind and spirit. We love in the moment and the span of infinity. We love as beings, living and breathing in passions arms. We love perhaps beyond death to be reunited in forms we can only imagine. Love transcends life and death, being and form, to transcend into a condensed core of palpable, viable energy that supplements all creation from here to eternity. Love leaves behind your fingerprints like a robber to the crime, leaves behind your footprints in the sand of love’s time.

Pen an ode to love as you draw breath in every life. Write a chapter or verse; sing a sonnet or song calling it your Love’s tribute… one that even out of sight can leave behind an imprint on your very being forever. Love with the blaze of the morning sun, or the last waxed remains of a dimly-lit candle – burning but with the last strained effort of its oxygenated self. Love with the fierce fervour of an ocean-tide – high at noon; or love with the silent calm of a placid lake in the still of the night. Love with that beast unleashed and unbound, or love with the gentleness of lambs and sheep. Love till the devil whistles in to all your fierce unbridled tunes, high in those passion intoxicated nights. Or let gentle love drop-in with the angels, to rain in soft kisses on a lover’s brow. At every curved point – a straight, sharp dart; at every turn – a corner, not an end; all but a start. Let love get you intricately involved even in staunch detachment, and yet stoutly detached all intertwined, in every lusty list that it sends your way, compared and catalogued to the end.

How weak go your knees at love’s first call!

How brave your heart when it catches and cushions your every fall!

Love does not fade with the days nor dims with time,

It stands erect and strong together with every chime.

Love makes you bleed where scars cannot form,

Leaves you bruised battered and torn.

Yet it can lift you up without wings,

Make you fly and do incredulous things.

You can ride the wave or lap in that foam,

Love can leave you with a smile or an agonizing groan.

Love is every need, ‘tis every possibility of a beating heart,

Love is the very end, Love is the very start.

Veera Shroff Sanjana
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