Ba Humata Presents Global Webinar: ‘Celebrating Togetherness Through Mindfulness’

On 6th February, 2022, the Ba Humata (Good Thoughts) Webinar series presents its 14th monthly global Webinar titled, ‘Celebrating Togetherness Through Mindfulness – ‘Aa Airyama Ishyo’ And Other Prayers’, honouring Asho Zarathushtra. The Webinar will feature Mobedyar Khushroo Mirza (Canada); Moobedyar Dr. Parva Namiranian, MD (Germany/Iran); Anahita Hormozdyari (USA/Iran); and Dr. Huzan Davar (Australia), alongside Founder, Host and Moderator of Ba Humata – Dr. Karishma Koka, Zarathushti Neuro-scientist from Cambridge University (UK).

When: Sunday, 6th February, 2022

Where: ZOOM platform:

[Meeting ID: 83408826220  &  Passcode: BAHUMATA]

Time: 9:30pm-IST; 8:00am-PST; 11:00am-EST; 4:00pm-UK; 8:00pm-UAE; 7:30pm-Iran

Speakers and biographies arranged by Mentor and Facilitator – Meher Amalsad. Technical support provided by Yazdi Tantra.

 Note: When maximum Zoom participant capacity is exceeded, the Facebook stream will be available at:

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