Good Health Begins In The Mind

As a child, you were probably bursting with energy and good health. Your body was flexible and moving was effortless. Your mind was clear, happy and free of worry, tension and stress. You slept peacefully and deeply every night and woke up feeling refreshed. You were excited and passionate about every new day. This is how you should still feel today, immaterial of your age.

You CAN still be healthy because unlimited health is available to you if you THINK healthy all the time, eat healthy and exercise. If you keep thinking, “If I drink coffee, I’ll be up all night”, ” If I eat this, I’ll get allergy”, “I catch colds easily”, “I’ve a sensitive stomach”, you can rest assured that the next cup of coffee will keep you awake, you will catch that allergy, cold and an upset stomach because you’ve fed all this into your mind, which will manifest your beliefs. Beliefs can help you or harm you. What you believe about your health, will come true!

For many, fearful beliefs about disease override empowering beliefs about health. Pharmaceutical companies thrive on this attention given to diseases worldwide, and you’re left surrounded by all kinds of new medications.

Your body is made up of billions of cells which work together for the sole purpose of giving you life and health. These collectively manage the working of organs like your heart, brain, liver, etc. Patrol-cells travel throughout the sixty thousand miles of blood vessels in your body to maintain order and harmony. We have a complete divine pharmacy operating inside us, which can produce every healing chemical that any pharmaceutical company can make. Whatever you believe about your body, your cells believe too, as if they hear every thought, feeling and belief you have.

To lose weight, think of yourself slim and trim. To avoid Corona, don’t mention it or talk about it because by doing so, you are bringing it into your consciousness. Your cells are your most loyal subjects and whatever you think or feel, they manifest it in your future health. If you want to feel as good as you did in your youth, then tell your body, “I feel amazing today, I’ve so much energy, I’ve perfect eyesight, I can eat whatever I want and still be slim, I sleep like a baby every night,” etc. You are the king of your health-kingdom and whatever you think and feel, becomes the law of your kingdom or the law within your body.

The placebo effect in medicine is proof of the power of belief. One group of patients is given the placebo (a sugar pill) and one group is given the real pill for treatment. Yet, the group consuming the placebo often experiences significant improvement. This is due to the power of belief.

Every feeling you have, saturates every cell and organ in your entire body. When you have good feelings and thoughts (Manashni), you receive the full force of health through your body in an astounding way. When you have bad feelings, the mental-tension causes your nerves and cells to contract, the vital chemical production contracts, your body changes, your blood vessels contract, your breathing becomes shallow and all this is detrimental to the health of your organs and the entire body. Disease is simply the result of a body not being at ease over a long period of time because of negative feelings like stress, worry, fear, hatred, cheating, jealousy or envy. What’s more, it even reflects on your face, which is why some people look grouchy, while others look happy and radiant!

Of course, despite the positivity, people can and do fall ill, have cancers and heart-attacks. For this, there are higher esoteric reasons going back to past-life-karmas which you need to undergo because it’s your ‘karmic destiny’. Medicine is not health-care but sick-care!! However, the Universe gives you the strength to bear the bad times and once they are over and done with, you can move on with your positive attitude to life.

How? With gratitude, which is the greatest multiplier of happiness. Consciously, thank the universe for your health, from the moment you get out of bed (unaided – without anyone’s help) to the moment you go to bed at night. All the money in the world cannot buy health, because it’s a gift from the Universe and so, more than anything else, be grateful for health. It’s the best health insurance you can ever take, because gratitude is the assurance of good health!!

Before eating food or drinking water, have love and gratitude in your heart. Have only positive and loving conversations when you sit down for a meal. Avoid distractions like reading a newspaper or checking your phone while eating. Bless the food you eat. Give it love and gratitude. As you do this, you change the “spiritual-structure” of the water within your food and its effect on your body to give you good vibrant health and robust vitality through that food.

God forbid, if you have to receive medical treatment, give love and gratitude while receiving it. Bless the doctor, bless the medicines and feel being well. If you can feel it, you’ll receive it. To enjoy good health, give love and gratitude more than 50% of the time because 51% is the tipping point from sickness to health. Keep your mind far away from dwelling on your ailments. Instead, think strength, power, vitality, energy and good health and you’ll “draw” it to you.

Each time you feel love and gratitude for your health, you are eliminating negativity in your body. Feel love and gratitude for any and everything in your life. Indulge in activities which make you laugh, enjoy your favorite books, music, movies; have meaningful conversations, surround yourself with happy people – all these help you to maintain good health.

Your emotions and feelings affect every cell of your body. Mind and body, mental and physical, are intertwined. So yes, good health begins in the mind!

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