The Four Golden Keys/Pillars Of Our Religion

I’m sure all of us are only too familiar with the three basic principles or tenets of our religion – Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds. So then, what’s the fourth one? Is it some kind of a missing link? Like the fourth wise man? No dear readers, the ‘Four Keys or Pillars’ of our religion are neither related to our three glorious principles nor with the nativity story.

These Four Keys/Pillars unlock an abundance of prosperity, to fine tune our beings, and to attune us with Ushta – everlasting happiness and bliss. What better time to share this with you than the occasion of Jamshedi Navroz – when we celebrate the New Year of the whole universe, welcoming spring to unlock this secret embedded in our scriptures and rituals, which has been unmasked to me through divine intervention. One of our cardinal responsibilities, as Parsi/ Irani Zarthoshtis, is to revere and attune ourselves with nature. How do we do that? The prescription given in our scriptures is to celebrate the six Gahambars – the seasonal festivals. No, it is not the four seasons.

The secret lies in the Afrin-e-Gahambar, “Harke na Yazad, na Sazad, na Khurad, na Dahad”. It appears not once or twice, but a dozen times in this Afrin, which is recited during the celebration of Gahambars around the Hafta Keshwar Zamin, as part of the Gahambar Jashan/Afringan. This is when Zarthoshtis come from all over to pray and eat together, thus collectively celebrating these mandated seasonal festivals to receive the blessings of Dadar Ahura Mazda.

‘YAZAD’ – The First Golden Key/Pillar: ‘Yazad’ means to pray. Hence, make prayers your priority in life. Recite the Mathrawani in the prescribed fashion, which is performing your Kusti, 101 names, Sarosh baj, Gehs, Niayesh, Yashts, Tandorosti etc. To gain a favourable response from the universe, the prayer you recite should come from your heart – you need to invest your feelings into it. 

‘SAAZAD’ – The Second Golden Key/Pillar: ‘Saazad’ means to perform (rituals/ceremonies). When we perform a Jashan or other rituals, we are intrinsically connecting our physical world along with all its creations to the spirit world. During this connection, the blessings from the spirit world are bestowed upon us – restoring, repairing and rejuvenating our world and our lives.

‘KHURAD’ – The Third Golden Key/Pillar: ‘Khurad’ means to participate and partake. It is important to participate and not merely attend ceremonies, rituals and Jashans. Connecting yourself mentally with the prayers being recited at the ceremony, makes your participation more meaningful and is beneficial. By eating the consecrated fruits and food and having a conscientious meal, which does not affect our environment and health, allows you to partake in the blessings showered from the spiritual beings.

‘DAHAD’ – The Fourth Golden Key/Pillar: ‘Dahad’ means to donate. The saying, ‘Parsi thy name is charity’ is famous with good reason. We are truly and abundantly blessed with the good things in life, thus we must give to the less fortunate of our community and society. Think not just of handing out alms, but also contributing towards sustainable, long-term benefits, just like our visionary forefathers. Give from your heart, it doesn’t have to be money, it can be whatever you can afford to give. You can give the gift of knowledge, help someone physically, just listen to someone speak their story, and/or donate your time to make someone smile. Practice your prayers – in thought, word and deed – and live your religion in its purest form. Be a saviour, save lives – be it animals or humans, because nothing is more important in life than life itself!

These four principles are crucial to transforming your ordinary life into an extraordinary and fulfilling existence marked with abundance. These principles facilitate in reconnecting you with the supreme creator, thus bestowing you with inexpressible bliss! Jamshedi Navroz Mubarak!

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