Those Seemingly Inconsequential Things Which Make A Big Impact!

Often, we get so interwoven in our daily hectic webs of life – getting pulled in various directions, trying to do justice across multiple capacities within our personal and professional lives – that we tend to overlook or forget those ‘little’ things, which seem inconsequential, but go on to have huge impacts in our lives.

Too clouded by our concerns and insecurities, we miss seeing the silver lining. There are so many reasons to be grateful and to rejoice…. that you are alive and well…. that there are people out there who love and care for you… that you’re able to laugh at the smallest things… that you can make your own decisions and choose to live the life you wish…. that the lows cannot hold you down for long, and that you will bounce back!

We forget to acknowledge these ‘little’ realities which remind us that everything happens for a reason and that these experiences sustain us and see us through life… as you will read in the following instances:

Zara was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, never having to lift a finger to do anything. At the age of 23, she was forced into making adult decisions, when her parents suddenly died in a car crash, leaving behind a huge debt. Zoya put up her house on rent and went to live in a cheap paying-guest accommodation. She continued studying, doing odd jobs to sustain herself. She just about manages but is optimistic that things will change for the better and has never had so much self-confidence and esteem.

Perin ran a successful, small boutique in Central Bombay, with the aim of saving for her son’s college education. Then the lockdown happened, gravely hampering her income. After the initial shock, Perin worked out an alternative and started putting up her clothes for sale online and on messaging Apps. Her tech-savvy son and his friends designed a simple website for her. She learnt crochet and started selling small purses, mobile covers, bags and belts. She found a generous supplier who shares good prices and profits with her.


…Every cloud has a silver lining. This was clearly seen during the pandemic when many businesses shut and jobs vaporised. But at the same time, many new innovative ideas germinated.

…Nothing is over till it really is. Do not give up.

…If you need help, ask the universe and it will provide.

…Whatever you send out in the universe will come back manifold, so send out as much love and compassion as you can.

…You are not alone. There will always be someone for you.

Nari had just started his job as a flight steward and was relieved that he would be able to pay off his parent’s home loan. On a trek one weekend, he broke his leg and had to undergo major surgery. He lost his job as well. He got together with his school-friend and roped in his mother as well to start a catering business. It was hardwork but his marketing skills and dynamic personality soon brought in many clients and today he is happy.

Never forget…

… there’s magic all around us. The rising and setting sun is one such splendid phenomenon that we too often take for granted.

… to open your heart and let good people in. They will do wonders for you and be like a balm to soothe your aching heart and tired bones.

… if you believe in something with all your heart, it cannot be wrong; You will achieve your goals if you strive with honesty and integrity.

… we can make things work despite all odds if we continue to believe that we can. Our intentions can help us cross the biggest hurdles.


Multiple lives have changed overnight due to unforeseen circumstances. Dreams have shattered, relationships have crumbled, things have gone awry. Initially, there may be a strong urge to just go away from everything and remain in your safe bubble. However, it’s a luxury one cannot afford. The pandemic has been one such opportunity to rest, renew and revisit one’s goals. There has been a renewed focus on health and work-life balance. What links all these stories in the web of life is the faith and belief that people clung on to.

We all cross many bridges in life but the most essential one is the bridge of Love and Compassion. Sometimes the bridge seems slippery, your footing may not be firm, or fear prevents you from moving forward. We forget that the journey is a part of the process, but the reward is great because it is the bridge of Love and Compassion. So, take the leap of faith and cross it. And you never know what rewards await you on the other side. Worries come and go. But happiness… it’s your birthright. Let it never elude you!

Keep smiling. Keep living!


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