Ye Who Follow Shall Not Fall

“All my hope on God is founded,

He doth still my trust renew;

Me through change and chance He guideth,

Only good and only true.


God unknown, He alone

Calls my heart to be His own.


Pride of man and earthly glory,

Sword and crown betray His trust,

What with care and toil He buildeth,

Tower and temple fall to dust.

 But God’s power, hour by hour,

Is my temple and my tower.


Daily doth the Almighty Giver,

Bounteous gifts on us bestow,

His desire our soul delighteth,

Pleasure leads us where we go,


Love doth stand, at His hand,

Joy doth wait on His command.”

(From my school hymnal)


So many people are reaching out desperately in an attempt to make sense of their crumbling existence. The health of a loved one, the sad disruption of a marriage, the sudden loss of job, tension at home, difficult children, deteriorating inter-personal relationships, and now the possibility of a world war, are the stark realities we face.

The last couple of years have been turbulent and disturbing. We’ve had to experience and live with a sense of complete helplessness. I can speak only for myself as I say that I have surrendered completely into the Hands of Paak Dadar Ahura Mazda. It is in this moment of my surrender, that I have found ultimate triumph. As we celebrate Jamshedi Navroze, let us celebrate the presence and the munificence of Ahura Mazda in our lives. It is only by having unfailing faith and focus on the bounty of blessings that we have, will we be able to manifest abundance and joy in our lives.

When the focal point of our existence ceases to be our daily struggle, but gets replaced, instead, with a schedule that incorporates time to visit the Fire Temple, to sit therein and to pray our manthravani, that is when all things begin to fall into place. A concerted effort has to be made to connect on a daily basis with the divine healing energies.

It is a universal truth that whatever we focus on, becomes our reality. So, let us consciously choose to remove ourselves and our thoughts regarding lack or scarcities and difficulties, and instead, consciously choose to fill our minds and souls with the bounty of Ahura Mazda. It is not a difficult choice to make, but it needs prayer and focus to adhere to this pattern of thought.

There are deep pools of pure silence that have suddenly taken the place of the constant chatter of the mind. The desire to speak and constantly complain has vanished. You don’t have to go around trying to change others, those around you may not yet be ready to inculcate the practice of prayer in their lives. It simply is something you should do for yourself. But do not underestimate the power of this practice. Without moving a muscle or speaking a word, Ahura will manifest His powers to work through the tangles of your life… Fear will be replaced with implicit faith and every day will turn into a new revelation of how Ahura Mazda works in the hearts and minds of those who follow The Perfect Word – our Khordeh Avesta.

I conclude with a passage from the transliteration of the Jamaspi (the book of revelations) by Jivanji Jamshedji Mody, which elucidates how Dadar Ahura Mazda and His power of manifestation created the world and how He will one day revive the ones that are passed. The entire world and all entities beyond it are the creation of the One God. Then, how can we suffer from lack in any form! Keep the faith, because those who follow, shall not fall!

These are the words of Paak Dadar Ahura, His conversation with man:

“When I have created the sky without a pillar, with spiritual supports, with distant limits, brilliant with rubies;   When I have created the earth, which has assumed a corporeal form and which has no supporter in this world;   When the sun, moon and stars keep their brilliant bodies moving in the air through me;   When I have created corn, which grows up again when sown, and grows up again with increase;   When I have created different colours in the trees;   When I have created in the trees, the fire that does not burn;   When I have created children in the wombs of mothers and created in different ways the feet, two eyes and ears and such other things and have formed the shape;   When I have given motion to water that it may flow, and have created the clouds, which may carry away the water of the earth and pour it there where it is required;   When I have created the atmosphere which in a glance of the eye, carries strength above from below, as desired by means of the wind, and is not capable of being held in the hand…..

When I have created these things one by one, it was a work more difficult than the bringing about of the Resurrection, because in the work of Resurrection, I would have assistance because these things exist.

When I created them, they did not exist. Something can be made to exist from what existed. Bear in mind that when what did not exist, has been created, why can that, which already existed, be not created again, because at the time of the resurrection, bones will be desired from the spirit of the earth, blood from the water, hair from the trees, life from fire, as they were accepted by them in the beginning of the creation.”

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