Dr. Viraf Kapadia Issues Apology Letter For Wrongly Maligning Yasmin Mistry

Claims he was “Misguided” by Zuleika Homavazir And Her Father, Firdosh Homavazir 


Date – 25.04.2022




Dr. Viraf Kapadia,

R-28, Godrej Baug,

Mumbai – 400 026.


I have been a community activist for many years and have also stood as a candidate thrice for BPP trustee elections in the post since 1993.


I am deeply religious and am also a trustee of the Bhika Behram well and R.S. Sethna Trust, Mumbai.


I would like to place on record certain facts and events as they occurred.


I supported two candidates in this upcoming elections, namely Farhanaz Irani and Dr. Zuleika Homavazir.


For the record Farhanaz Irani never asked me to attack candidate Yasmin Jal Mistry as she is friendly with them.


However some other people, primarily Zuleika Homavazir and her father Firdosh Homavazir misguided me knowing my orthodox views.


They told me that Yasmin Jal Mistry had renounced the Zoroastrian religion and was a converted Muslim and had performed a Nikah ceremony.


I was in constant touch with candidate Zuleika Homavazir and her father Firdosh Homavazir. Knowing my orthodox views and misguiding me that she had converted to Islam and therefore she was a Muslim they would ask me to forward their posts and messages. This was done to try and defeat Yasmin Jal Mistry in the elections, so that it may help Zuleika Homavazir in her campaign to win and become a BPP trustee.


Since Zuleika has taken up a new job recently, it has been her father Firdosh who has been more in contact with me as Zuleika is at work during the day. Obviously he did the major instigation knowing fully well my orthodox views and my post as a community activist.


Unfortunately I did not have Yasmin Mistry’s phone number and could not contact her and verify the facts.


A few days ago, Yasmin Mistry and I spoke on the phone. After she clarified that she had never converted and that she followed our religion, I told her that if I had known that she had already given the affidavit as per the requirement of the Scheme of Elections, then maybe those who misguided me would not have been successful in using me to try and defeat her in the elections.


I apologized immediately and knowing the facts I deleted my posts.


However the very next day I once again forwarded an old post about her mother Arnavaz Jal Mistry by mistake.


It was this continuing attack on Yasmin and her family that led to her filing a complaint against me.


Despite vested interest once again trying to capitalize on the complaint filed against me, I have on calmer reflection realized that I was misled and misguided by people taking advantage of my religious views.


I know I was wrong.


I tender my sincere and unconditional public apology for my acts and conduct and pray for forgiveness and assure that I will not do this in the future.


Dr. Viraf Kapadia.



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