Felicitation Ceremony By Bardoli Zarthosti Anjuman

On 3rd April, 2022, the Bardoli Zarthosti Anjuman organised a glittering felicitation ceremony honouring three Parsi stalwarts of our community – Padmashree Shri Yazdi N. Karanjia – stage personality and iconic Parsi comedy theater and drama veteran; Kersi K Deboo – Member of the National Commission for Minorities; and Dr. Homi Doodhwala – petitioner for Zoroastrian traditional last rites.

The excellently managed and well-attended ceremony was lead by the Anjuman’s Parvez Mehta and Homi Pithawala and was ably anchored by Prof. Rashna Palia. The three personalities received much applause from the audience as they were being felicitated on stage. They also answered all questions from the audience and presented their enlightened approach to their respective fields and beyond, with a good smattering of our famous Parsi humour.

The platform was also utilized for awareness promotion of the Ministry of Minority’s Jiyo Parsi initiative, with numerous schemes duly explained by Pearl Mistry, who requested all Indian Zoroastrian citizens to fill in the India’s Parsi Census online. [Readers who have not yet filled in the form can do so at:  https://bit.ly/Zorcensus ]

The program was a grand success and concluded with the rendition of our traditional ‘Chaiye Hame Jarthosti’ and the Indian National Anthem, which was followed by a Gambhar for all attendees.

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