Fiesta Festivities This Summer At NCPA

This May, NCPA offers fun workshops for children and young adults (3 to 19 years) to unleash your hidden talents in varied fields. To name a few, A for Abracadabra (7th & 8th); House of Wonders (11th to 13th); Screenplay (9th to 13th); Classical ballet and Modern Dance (11th to 15th); and Gili Gili Gili Advance (14th & 15th).

Plays to watch include Dreams Do Come True (1st May), The Ghost of the Mountains (7th May), The Exchange Student (14th May) and Boski Ke Kaptan Chacha (15th May). [Details: ]

The dilemma of Samson Sequeira, a man of principles in a corrupt world, knows no bounds as he is entrusted with the family business of his father-in-law.  Book your slot for the laughter shot at Tata Theatre on 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th May. [Details: ]


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