Panchgani’s Chokshi Dar-e-Meher Celebrates 92nd Salgreh

The auspicious occasion of Atash nu Parab marked the 92nd Salgreh of the consecration of the Seth Nanabhoy Bejonji Chokshi Dar-E-Meher, located in Panchgani. The devotees who attended the occasion were also happy to partake of the serenity and peace of the picturesque hill station.

The beautifully structured Agiary was decorated in flowers and special Sagan Na Chalks to give a warm welcome to all devotees. The main celebrations began at 11:00 am with a Khushali nu Jashan performed by the Panthaki Er. Hoshang Bhandara and his grandson, Er. Taronish Kotwal, in the presence of the Trustees and around fifty Zarthostis. The Jashan was followed by a round of fruits, malido and chasni, alongside light refreshments.

The devotees present also contributed towards the evening contributory Machi, which was performed at 7:00 pm, thus concluding the Salgreh with good memories.

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