Community Members Being Taken For A Ride In The ‘L&L – Tenancy Convertible’!

– Residents Of Wadia Colonies Blindsided! –

Community members need to be cautioned against falling for the false promise being made – about converting their flat agreements from Leave and License to Tenancy – by some BPP candidates contesting the oncoming BPP elections. The promise of ‘Leave & License to Tenancy conversion’ is just a sop or a lollipop being used to lure the community into voting for them. Here are a few facts that will hopefully prove as eye-openers and protect the gullible community members from being fooled…

In keeping with the ‘conditional’ BOARD RESOLUTION, which was supposedly passed, subject to so many conditions, including Legal, Tax and Audit considerations, should hardly be termed as a Resolution in the first place!

This so-called Resolution (about converting licenses from Leave and License to Tenancy), which was passed at the BPP meeting dated 21st February, 2022, received a consequent email by Mr. Nusli Wadia (reproduced verbatim below), on 29th March, 2022, making it abundantly clear, that for residents of Wadia Colonies, the issue of conversion from L&L to tenancy may not see the light of the day:

“Dear Trustees,

1] I am not aware of this policy change.

2] Its a fundamental policy change…we were not even consulted

3] I am opposed to this change , more so without considering the merits/demerits.

4] I would request the trustees to suspend this immediately until after its reviewed at the WCM after the elections.

5] It is inappropriate that though there is no code of conduct,  as there should be , to make these changes during the elections.

6} If the trustees want to proceed despite this then I would like to have a urgent meeting and till such time all execution should be kept in abeyance.

7] Finally if my suggestions are not acceptable ,I will need to consider options that could include the reversal of the policy post elections which will require making the tenants aware that the policy will be re-considered by the new board and WCM together and therefore these changes which if executed  in their Leave and license will be subject to  review by the new WCM members.

8] I look forward to a positive response


Nusli Wadia”

Hence, this is only an election bait given to Wadia Colonies’ residents by some candidates who are MISLEADING THEM BY NOT HIGHLIGHTING THE ACTUAL FACTS about the same.

The Resolution clearly states that conversion was only proposed for those who had received allotment under ‘Refundable Deposit Scheme’ and not for the poor or the middle-class L&L residents.

Here’s hoping that community members will not fall for this lollipop and wise up to reality. Else, gear up for being taken for a ride in the ‘L&L-Tenancy’ Convertible!

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