Setting The Record Straight On Stamp Duty And Registration Charges Payable By Community Members

In the interest of our community members not falling for the misleading figures published as regards the Stamp Duty and Registration expenses that would be payable on converting their ‘Leave and License flats to Tenancy’, Parsi Times is once again reproducing the CORRECT FACTS and FIGURES for the benefit of our readers.

As you can see, Parsi Junction has claimed that that the payable Stamp Duty would range from ‘Rs. 2 Lakhs to Rs. 5 Lakhs at highest’.

However, examples of the ACTUAL STAMP DUTY PAYABLE, as given by the BPP Staff and the agents registering BPP documents, is reproduced in the chart below, once again exposing their misinformation…

Readers are advised to not fall for the lies of the ‘L&L to Tenancy’ conversion lollipop being shamefully spread to mislead them as an election bait, to gain their votes.

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