Why Do My Batteries Constantly Run Low?

It’s funny how we live in a time of protein shakes, Gatorades and so called energy fused smoothies, while we try to fight this constant feeling of feeling drained , saturated or downright anxious. Our body, soul and mind functions on energy. We need energy to supplement our stamina and vitality. Energy supplements our ability to work, process and function. But energy is a resource – it reduces as we use it. The feelings of depleted energy resources are tiredness, exhaustion, fatigue, nervousness.  Your mental capabilities take a hit. Making rational, quick decisions and processing mental challenges may be hindered, affecting all aspects of your life. A lot of times being physically exhausted and emotionally drained can result from the same reasons.

Protecting yourself from activities and habits that drain your energy can significantly affect your productivity, happiness and success. In our daily lives, challenges and difficulties pose themselves in various ways. Being mindful and aware of people, things and situations that are energy suckers, help to alleviate this problem. Be the energy you want to attract….

Stop Worrying And Overthinking: So many of us are constantly worried about the future – what will happen or how a situation may pan out. In doing so, we start worrying about things beyond their control. It’s futile and a waste of precious time. One cannot sow anything productive from things that lead to distress and restlessness, anxiety and depression. It’s the same with overthinking. Overthinking drains your energy and wears you out physically too. Instead of focusing on things you cannot control, try to reclaim things within your control and prowess. Work on things that have an enduring presence in your life and make you feel happier and healthier.

Let Go Of Anger And Resentment: The negative thoughts, feelings of anger, envy and resentment that we hold on to are poisonous emotions that allow toxicity to spread in and around you. These permeate your being and like a cancer, grow and multiply, pervading all positivity and leaving you parched and barren, alone, filled with venom and hatred. According to psychologist these are high intensity emotions that can wear you down physically, mentally and emotionally. Often these emotions stem from past hurt and wounds. Living in the past is painful; holding grudges about people who hurt you is normal but at some point you need to let it go for your own sanity and well-being. Courage is when you move forward despite all that hurt and rancor and truly come into your own without the hate and resentment.

Limit Social Media Usage: Today Social Media (SM) not just affects but even controls our mood. There’s millions scrolling through various SM platforms. Your news-feed either inspires you or makes you feel terrible. We consume these feeds like mouthfuls of little chocolates. We envy friends and people we know on tropical vacations and with their weight-loss stories. Heck, we even envy complete strangers for owning/doing things we did not even know existed! I mean, who the hell is going to Prague anytime soon to try that quaint bistro on such and such a street? These are sure-fire energy drainers and if by chance you feel unhappy not having that envious Insta-worthy life posted on their stories, you, my dear are wasting good time and energy on all that fakery! Grow up! Admire things, people and life around you. Work towards things that add value and meaning to your life. Focus on yourself and only on those aspects of Social Media that align with your goals. Rather than comparing yourself with others, build and work on yourself. ‘Stop admiring, Start inspiring’!

Stop Being Overly Critical: Constantly criticizing and judging yourself can be extremely exhausting. It deteriorates your sense of self and births feelings of unworthiness. Don’t obsess over your flaws – we all have them. Don’t overemphasize your weaknesses and stop worrying about your bloodspots. Let’s be honest – the less you see yourself as worthy the less positive you’ll feel – that can be extremely draining and sad. When you learn to treat yourself with self-love, compassion and kindness, a whole new world opens up – one of confidence, patience compliments and achievements!

Master Your Sleep Patterns: This is a crucial factor. Nothing rejuvenates your body and refreshes your mind like a good night’s rest. Sleep helps your body heal and restores mental capabilities. It supplements chemicals and hormones necessary for efficient functioning. Your body and brain has time to rest, replenish and flush out toxins while you sleep. All these processes are aimed at prepping your body and mind to feel better and stronger upon waking. When one does not get enough sleep, you are damaging your body and mental capabilities. It drains you and puts your body at great risk. Mastering your sleep patterns is vital. This means regularizing your sleep… Getting to bed and waking up at the same time; trying to sleep the same amount of time, observing your patters and routines before bed; avoiding coffee, alcohol and other stimulants, fatty meals that can and will interfere with your sleep.

Trying Hard To Please Others: Another factor that truly affects your physiological and emotional state is trying too hard to please others or trying constantly to prove yourself to others. When you seek approval and want to make people happy at all costs, whether it’s your parents, spouse, siblings, employer or friends, you create a person that’s one’s own worst enemy. Your actions will always be determined by the need to get validation from others and their expectations of you. Being compassionate, kind and helpful is not about winning approval. Know the difference, recognize it and maintain healthy relationships based on that.

Boundaries are necessary. Recognize relationships for what they are based on the give and take and be firm to saying no when you are really not up to it. Your energy is currency, spend it well. Invest it wisely. Energy springs from little pockets of joy, it is saturated with subtle odors of happiness that allow you to live your best life.

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